Welcome to another addition of Teaser Tuesday. Today, we have the pleasure of featuring best-selling author Jessica Colter Smith, a.k.a. Harley Wylde. Below, you will find an except from her latest work, ‘Ashes’, and the accompanying book cover. ‘Ashes’ is part of ‘The Devil’s Boneyard’ series. Should you find yourself needing more, please follow Jessica/Harley at these website links.


‘Ashes’ Excerpt:

“Tighter,” she said. “Hold me tighter.”
I shifted so I could put both her wrists in one hand, then gripped her throat with my other. She sighed and bit her lip. Jin fucked her harder, grunting as he came. When he pulled out, he removed the condom and tied it off before wrapping it in the foil package and shoving it into his pocket. I knew he wouldn’t chance leaving it where she could get to it.
“Your turn,” she said, smiling up at me.
“No, thanks. Not my type.”
I released her and stood up. Jin gave me a nod and I left, but not before I heard him command her to turn over, then the sound of his belt hitting her flesh. He definitely had a type, and they all kept coming back for more. Tonight’s choice was new, but I had no doubt I’d see her again. She seemed like the kind of woman to get off on being used.
When I rounded the clubhouse, I ran into some hang-around who apparently thought he was someone. I paused in the shadows and listened as he mouthed off to a club whore.
“Yeah, I’ll be patching in before you know it. These guys need my skills,” the punk said.
The woman ran her hand up and down his chest. “And what kind of skills are those?”
“Ran my own meth lab for a while, until the heat got to be too much. I’m the best around these parts when it comes to cutting drugs and selling shit.” He looked down her barely there top. “These assholes don’t know shit about the business.”
Oh, really? Not that we were into meth, but we had the pot sales locked down pretty tight. And we never sold to kids. There were some gangbangers around town who did that shit, and we got it off the streets as fast as we could. I had to wonder if this little asshole was one of the ones killing people with his fucked-up drugs. About six months back, there had been an epidemic of drug overdoses. Mostly meth.
“You’re smarter than them, huh?” she asked.
“Oh, yeah. Won’t be long before I’m running this place. That old man will be stepping down or I’ll force him down.”
Now that I’d fucking pay to see. Cinder would flatten this dickhead without breaking a sweat. Enough was enough.
“So you can run things better?” I asked, stepping into the dim light off the porch. “Want to put your money where your mouth is?”
He looked me up and down. “You’re not an officer. Just a patched member.”
“Which is way above your pay grade since you aren’t even a Prospect. I suggest you leave and don’t come back.”
He barked out a laugh. “And who’s going to make me?”
I didn’t bother with words anymore. I wasn’t sure this idiot could understand what anyone said anyway. Hauling back my fist, I let it fly and nailed him right across the jaw. His head whipped to the side and he staggered back a step, but I wasn’t done. I whaled on him, blow after blow to his ribs, stomach, face. Someone needed to make an example so other little fucks like this one didn’t come around.
He dropped to the ground and I kicked him in the gut, then spat on him. “You are nothing. You’ve always been nothing, and you’ll remain nothing. No one would miss you if I ended your life right here and now.”
“You fucked up,” he said, then spat out blood at my feet. “I’ll end your sorry ass. You and all the others.”
“Finish it.” Havoc’s voice reached me from the darkness. He hadn’t been inside, but apparently had walked up in time to figure out what the hell was going on. “Now, Ashes. End this shit.”
I hauled the little shit stain up and hammered his temple until my hand throbbed. When he still wouldn’t fucking die, I snapped his neck and let him drop to the ground. Breathing hard, I glanced in the direction of Havoc’s voice and the Sergeant-at-Arms moved closer, coming into the light. He nudged the dickhead on the ground, then snapped his fingers. Two Prospects hurried over and hauled the body away. I didn’t care where they took it.
“You hear anyone else mouthing off like that, handle it. If you can’t take care of it, then let me know and I’ll step in. The last thing we need is a bunch of troublemakers trying to patch in.”
I gave him a nod and got on my bike, going straight home. This end of the compound was quiet, and dark. I went up the steps and flicked on the lights as I went inside. A cold beer sounded good and I grabbed one from the fridge, snatched a hand towel from the laundry room, then went into the living room and turned on the TV.
Adrenaline was coursing through me, and I needed sex as much as I needed air. The club sluts weren’t going to get the job done, though, and no way in hell would Renegade let me anywhere near his sister. So my hand had been getting the job done for a while now.
It sucked that my life had come to this, but meaningless sex just didn’t do it for me anymore. Hell, I couldn’t even get hard for the whores at the clubhouse. Those days were behind me. Keeping it from my brothers was going to get harder and harder though. For two years I’d walked that fine line, but a day would come when I couldn’t conceal my true feelings. They’d know something was up, but no fucking way could I ever let Renegade know I was a goner for his baby sister.
Flipping to one of the porn stations I streamed, I selected a movie and unfastened my pants. I downed half my beer before picking up the lube and slicking my palm. As the woman on the screen deep-throated the man, I started stroking. It wasn’t long before my eyes were closed, only focused on the sounds and picturing sweet little Nikki on her knees, sucking me off.
I tightened my grip, giving a slight twist on the downstroke. Faster. Harder. Everything in me grew taut as my balls drew up, then I was coming. I grunted as spurts of cum jetted over my hand, wishing like fuck I could do more than daydream about the only woman I’d ever wanted long-term.
Using the towel to clean myself off, I made sure I got everything off my hands, then tossed the towel to the side and picked up my beer again. I finished watching the movie, then called it a night after a quick shower.
Pathetic. That’s what I was… a pathetic excuse of a man, much less a biker.
If anyone ever found out I hadn’t fucked a woman in years, I’d never hear the end of it. I let them suck me off, sometimes. And I made sure they were satisfied, but my dick hadn’t been inside anyone since I’d fallen for Nik. I’d fooled around with my dates, but it never went all the way. My brothers wouldn’t understand. Especially since I couldn’t have the one I wanted. No way her brother would ever let her be with someone like me.
Copyright ©2020 Harley Wylde

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