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Today’s teaser is courtesy of author, Gale Stanley. Gale is sharing an excerpt from her upcoming book, “Party Animal”, Book Six in the Roosters series. If you love what you’re reading, and want to know more, you’ll find media links below to the author website and a book cover for this release. Enjoy!

Party Animal Excerpt:

Chapter One

I stared at my reflection in the mirror and gave myself an eight out of ten. All those late nights were finally taking a toll. Would I give them up? Hell no! Life was a never-ending party, and the guest list changed every day. I liked it that way. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

But right now, I needed to do damage control. I read somewhere that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. If that was true then my soul must be puffy, wrinkled, and bloodshot. It wasn’t a good look. Thank God for eye drops. A few in each eye made my whites pop. I practiced my sultry green stare in the mirror. Not bad, but the bags had to go. I reached for the Preparation H and applied it liberally. My sister swears by the stuff.

I’d showered and shaved at home, but my hair needed a redo. My trademark look is a messy bedhead, black locks flying every which way. I don’t like to disappoint the fans and it’s easy enough to get the look. It’s all about a good haircut and a few styling tricks, like gel.

I stepped back from the mirror to check out my body. No problems there. Six feet, two inches of lean muscle thanks to an exercise routine that keeps me camera ready. No matter how late I go to bed, I wake up early and use the small gym in my apartment building. A good workout always makes me feel better. Today we were shooting early, so I did a short routine, just long enough to break a sweat and get my blood pumping. Then it was SSME, and I’m not talking kinky sex. Shower, shave, moisturize, enema. I like to be clean for the close-up shots.

Yeah, I bare it all, but it’s all for the sake of art. I’m not kidding. One of my first jobs when I came to LA was as an artist’s model. At first, because of my strict upbringing, I was uncomfortable posing nude, but eventually I realized that the human body is a beautiful thing. It was a liberating experience.

Today, I’ve convinced myself that filming is an art form. There are thousands, maybe millions of guys out there staring at my naked body. What I do prompts an emotional response and gives them pleasure, just like other art forms. Art is in the eye of the beholder, after all. It’s one hell of an ego trip.

Three raps on the door, a reminder that the crew was waiting. I let them wait. I’m the star and every porn director in town was frothing at the mouth to film me. I took my time, and then I slung a towel around my hips and swaggered into the studio.

The equipment was set up and the camera crew appeared ready to shoot my scene, the one that would make the video go viral. That thought kicked up my adrenaline.

“What the fuck do you do in there besides stare at yourself in the mirror?” The director beckoned me with a crooked finger and a scowl. “You’re keeping everybody waiting. Time is money.”

I walked over to Max and dropped the towel. My ten-inch prick slapped up hard against my six-pack. “You can’t put a time limit on perfection.”
Max’s beady eyes bored into mine. “Save it for your fan base, princess. I’m not interested.”

Liar! I felt my anger rising but tamped it down. No sense ruining my shoot. But the asshole knew I hate being called princess. He started that shit the day he hit on me and I gave him the cold shoulder. The creep told me he had a high-profile movie on the horizon, but I’d have to audition — a private audition at his house. Nobody loves to fuck more than me, but I’m discriminating. Fifty-something Max, with his beer belly and salt and pepper ponytail, doesn’t do it for me. Besides, I don’t need his help. I have a contract, and directors waiting in line for the day I decide to break that contract with Ramrod Pictures. “Suck me tender.”

“Hey dumbass, I’m the boss here. If you didn’t have a big shlong, you wouldn’t get any screen time.”

I picked up the towel and covered up my biggest asset. “Jealous much?”

Max looked like he was ready to blow steam but he clenched his jaw and nodded toward the king-sized bed. It was all decked out in white linen, the better to show off our tanned bodies. “I want you and Joey to do a fast run through, no sex, before we start filming.”

“Time is money,” I said, throwing his own words back at him. “I don’t need to rehearse.”

“Says you. Did you even read the script?”

“Course I did. Masturbate first, and then Joey walks in and gives me a hand. It’s not rocket science.” It was an easy scene. I could do it in my sleep. I never have a problem getting hard, especially when I know somebody’s watching.

“Okay Mr. Motherfucking-Know-It-All, do your thing.”

I sat on the bed and leaned back against the headboard.

Max spit out one word. “Action.”

I started rubbing my cock through the material of the towel. After a minute, I flung open the towel and let my dick take a bow. It was stiff and begging for attention but I ignored it. Slowly I ran my hands down my chest, tweaking my nipples until they were erect. It didn’t take long. My hot buttons are super sensitive. A delicious warmth spread through my groin. It was time to give my prick some attention. I gave it a few easy strokes, taking my time so I could show off my body. Occasionally I glanced at the camera with a smoldering gaze. Then I started jerking off in a steady rhythm. Nobody knows my hot spots like I do. It didn’t take long for my breathing to
speed up. My balls drew up tight and I knew I was close. Where the heck was Joey? He should have been here by now. I wanted to give him a cum shower. Max was a shit director. One day I’d direct my own films. I tried to hold off, but my cock was throbbing. Fuck it. I was too close. One more hard stroke and I hosed myself down with a massive cum load. White cream covered my chest, up to my neck and under my chin. I groaned, scooped some up with my fingers and licked them clean. I knew I looked hot as hell.

“Cut!” Max stood over me, hands on hips. “I tell you when to come.”

“You can’t hold back momentum, Max.” One of these days I’ll quit mouthing off,
but not today. “If you could get it up, you’d know that.”

If looks could kill I would have died right then, but Max couldn’t touch me. I was golden. Nobody made the studio more money than I did.

“Face it, Max. I know what my audience wants and I give it to them. That’s why you pay me the big bucks.”

“Get over yourself, princess. You’re a fucking porn actor. There’s a thousand more waiting to take your place.”

As usual, Paul, the cameraman and peacemaker, tried to diffuse the situation. “This is good stuff, Max. The guys will eat it up.”

Max gave him a disgusted look and turned back to me. “You got anything left for Joey?”

“Does a tin man have a stainless steel cock?”

Everybody laughed except Max. Fuck him. He turned his back, but not before he took another long look at my chest. I smiled as I lay back against the pillows. Look all you want, Max, but you’ll never get your hands on this body. But I knew he’d take the film home and masturbate to it all night.

“Hey, Cox.”

My head jerked up at the sound of Joey’s voice. People tend to think that porn stars don’t have real lives. They think that, given the nature of what we do for a living, we must be emotionally detached and incapable of having a real relationship. That’s only partly true. While I don’t have, need, or want, a significant other, I have my sister, Julie, and my best friends, Joey and Paul.

Joey is not only a friend, he’s also a great costar. He’s a lean six feet, with short spiky blond hair and brown eyes. The dude is practically hairless while I sport a sexy trail of dark hair that leads to a well-manicured bush. The camera loves the contrasts between us, and so do the guys who buy our videos. We spend so much time together, it was only natural we’d become buddies.

Grinning, Joey sat on the bed. “You just can’t help yourself, can you, Casey?” He started wiping my chest with a warm, wet cloth.

I shrugged, enjoying the attention. “This is me, take it or leave it.”

Joey finished up and tossed the towel to a stagehand. “I get paid to take it.”

I frowned. His comment took me by surprise. Joey had never complained about my showboating before. I opened my mouth to comment —


Just as well. I was sure Joey was just ribbing me. He crawled up my body and started teasing my nipples with his magic fingers and I forgot all about it. Leaning close to my chest, he pursed his lips and blew on each nipple. Paul came closer and moved around the bed to get a better shot.
Joey lapped at one nipple as caressed the other with his hand. He switched it up after thirty seconds. Then he alternated the licking with sucking. I started moaning and Joey lifted his head. Leaning over, he brushed his lips over mine. He had a knee between my thighs and he pressed it against my crotch, while he deepened the kiss. Women watch our videos too and they like to see us kiss.

Joey settled his body on top of mine and we started grinding. It was nice, but nothing we hadn’t done before. No sparks, no butterflies, just well-choreographed sex. We whimpered and moaned while we ran our hands over each other. Then Joey started licking a trail down my body toward my cock. But when he got to my navel, he did not pass go. Instead, he started using my belly button as his own personal plaything — licking, kissing, and nipping at it until Max signaled him to go in for the kill.

“What do you think, Joey? Can you make me blow again?”

“Does a hobby horse have a wooden dick?”

Laughing, I pushed Joey’s head down until it was between my legs. He licked the head of my cock and gave my balls some attention, before taking me in and sucking my dick like a vacuum pump. Automatically I started a steady stream of dirty talk. “Take it all, Joey. Fuck, that feels good…”

In my head, I was wondering how much money I’d make on this movie. My agent had renegotiated my contract with the studio. I get a piece of the action every time they sell a video. I deserve it. Everybody in the industry and anyone who watches porn knows who Casey Cox is.
If only my parents could see me now. Not that they wanted to. Screw ‘em. I made good money. I had friends. And I had good sex — with men. I’d had girlfriends in school, but that was back when I was still pretending to be someone I wasn’t. There’s just something about a man’s body and his touch that does it for me, especially —

Just then, Joey slipped a finger in my ass and jerked me back to reality. Electricity skittered up my spine. Joey pulled off my cock and a thick white stream shot from my dick, spraying his face and neck. He licked his lips suggestively and Paul caught it all with the camera.


“Nice work,” Max said to Joey.

I muttered under my breath, “Fucking asshole.”

Somebody threw me a towel and I headed to the bathrooms to clean up for the next scene.

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