Vippy is my word for visually impaired person.
Today’s Episode: Vacuuming a New House

So, there are certain considerations that must be taken into account when vacuuming a new space. Which parts are carpet? Which carpets can be sucked up by the vacuum monster? How many squeaky dog and cat toys are around the place? And, most important, where are the outlets?

This is the most difficult, honestly, because I can’t see the outlets. Feeling for them, I have a worry about getting shocked. This is less likely these days, but I grew up in the 80s when any outlet could shock. So, I have a terror of plugging stuff in.

The other consideration is cords on the floor and curtains. Long, long curtains. Everything is a potential circus act, including balancing the curtain on one hand while moving the vacuum monster with the other. And, of course, stepping on squeak toys, which are often slimy as well as slippery and loud, is a constant source of amusement.

Back in the 1970s, there were ads out there that said, “Hire the handicapped. It’s fun to watch ‘em.” As inappropriate as this is, it is also true, at least in my case. If you ever want to post a video of someone screwing up simple household chores, I invite you to follow me around the house.

Have a beautiful, vacuum-monster free day!

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