This will be my last political statement for today (and hopefully the next few days). Mark and Luke have been urging me to interview them. For now, however, please follow the link to RWI’s response to the charges brought against them.

Since I couldn’t leave a comment on their website (most likely due to heavy traffic) I’ll leave mine here for now.

First: Anyone who attacked the contest coordinator PERSONALLY has forgotten what being a decent human being means. Those in charge always have to make judgment calls. Attack the principle, not the person. Grow up, please.

Second: RWI published the “no LGBT fiction” restriction and not the “no YA fiction” restriction. This backlash is their own fault. Be clear the first time. Although…

Third: There’s a hell of a difference between excluding YA (which is a TYPE of romance, like paranormal, fantasy, and sweet romance) than excluding a PAIRING, which can cross all genres.

The discrimination charge still stands.

Peace to your bodies and hearts, although perhaps not to your souls. Let those be stirred into action.


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