Title: The Berghoff Betrayal
Authors: Michael McMenamin & Patrick McMenamin

The Tiergarten
Monday, 30 January 1933
THIS HAD BLOODY WELL BETTER BE WORTH IT, Mattie McGary thought as she stood in the center of an uncharacteristically deserted Tiergarten, shivering from the icy evening air. Even in winter, Berliners would stroll in the early evening through the spacious grounds of Europe’s largest metropolitan park. Tonight was different, unbelievably so. The park was in the center of Berlin, but its size—2.5 square kilometers—made it seem isolated from the city. Yet, the sound of the cheering crowds still reached her ears as torch-bearing Nazi SA Storm Troopers marched past the Brandenburg Gate on their way to the Chancellery Building where their leader and the newly appointed Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, waited at an open window to receive their accolades. It was nearly 8:30 p.m. and the Storm Troopers and crowds had been at it since 7 p.m. when Mattie had left the Hotel Adlon and joined the happy hordes mobbing the sidewalks as the SA marched down the streets. It had taken her twice as long as usual to reach the Tiergarten.

In early 1933, the Nazis plan a fake assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler, the new German Chancellor. This fake attempt will allow the Nazis to declare martial law and liquidate their political opponents. Churchill learns of the fake plot and persuades Mattie McGary, his adventure-seeking Scottish god-daughter and William Randolph Hearst’s top photojournalist, to investigate. The plot turns perilous for Mattie when she is kidnapped by Hitler’s enemies within the Nazi party who are conspiring with renegade elements of his own SS to turn the fake assassination attempt into a real one.

I am giving this book 4 and a half stars. It’s a fast paced, drama filled historical fiction. A fake plot to murder Hitler is discovered by Winston Churchill and he sends his goddaughter Mattie McGayry, a top journalist for William Hurst, to investigate.
There are a lot of different points of view, and that part can be a little challenging to follow, along with all the plot twists that happen. The characters were fully developed, the heroine is what every woman wants to be: strong-willed, with the ability to take care of herself, and who doesn’t take any crap from anyone.
It can be a little difficult to follow the different strings the authors are weaving but like I said each character is developed into someone I would love to meet. Even the bad guys get their own points of view. The difference between the SS and the SA is thoroughly explained. The book also shows a different view into Hitler’s commanders. According to the book, Hitler was not the one that was really in charge, it was the officers around him.
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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Michael McMenamin and Patrick McMenamin are the co-authors of the award winning 1930s era “Winston Churchill Thriller” series. The first three novels in the series—The DeValera Deception, The Parsifal Pursuit, and The Gemini Agenda—received a total of 14 literary awards. The Berghof Betrayal is their fourth Winston Churchill Thriller and they are currently at work on their fifth, The Silver Mosaic. Both Michael and Patrick have travelled extensively in Europe, South America, Central America and Asia while Patrick has also travelled in the Middle East and Africa.
Michael is the author of the critically acclaimed Becoming Winston Churchill, The Untold Story of Young Winston and His American Mentor [Hardcover, Greenwood 2007; Paperback, Enigma 2009] and co-author of Milking the Public, Political Scandals of the Dairy Lobby from LBJ to Jimmy Carter [Nelson Hall, 1980]. He is an editorial board member of Finest Hour, the quarterly journal of the Churchill Centre and Museum in London and a contributing editor for the libertarian magazine Reason. His work has also appeared in The Churchills in Ireland, 1660-1965, Corrections and Controversies [Irish Academic Press, 2012] as well as two Reason anthologies, Free Minds & Free Markets, Twenty Five Years of Reason [Pacific Research Institute, 1993] and Choice, the Best of Reason [BenBella Books, 2004]. He was formerly a first amendment and media defense lawyer and a U.S. Army counter-intelligence agent.
Patrick, the other half of the father-son writing team, is an award-winning journalist who has produced stories for HuffPost Live, ABC News, and Fox News He is a Phi Beta Kappa cum laude graduate of the University of Rochester with Departmental Honors in both 20th Century European history and Film Studies.

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  1. Thanks very much for your kind review. We’re glad you liked Mattie even though she showed a more violent side than in the first three books in the series. She has a major role in this year’s release, THE SILVER MOSAIC, about the anti-Nazi boycott and we’re thinking about giving Mattie her own series in 2018, beginning with an eBook short story about her role in the 1942 assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague by British agents. What do you think?

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