For this edition of Teaser Tuesday, it is a pleasure to feature author is BL Maxwell, sharing a blurb and cover from their latest release, ‘Burning Addiction’. Happy reading all!

‘Burning Addiction’ Excerpt:

Benjamin and I spoke a while longer about what reasons the local vampires could be using addicts for other than to satisfy their curiosity, there really was no other reason for them to try to harvest humans this way. “Tell me more about the addict you treated, did he give you any information we could use?” Benjamin asked. I thought back again to earlier when I’d treated him.

“I only know what the paramedics told us when they brought him in. Which isn’t much, he refused to give us his last name.” He was more handsome than anyone I’d seen in years, and young, so young, too young to be so broken and so devoid of any hope. He tried to hide his emotions, but even though he was in a stupor from being on drugs and then having a seizure, his loneliness and desperation still felt palpable.

“Doesn’t seem like that’s all you know, seems like that’s all your willing to say,” Benjamin said, with an amused lift of his brow.

“I tried to speak with him, but he’s so defensive. He’s distrustful of anyone and everyone, I’m not sure he’d be much help to you.”

“He may know more than he realizes. If we could find out who he got his drugs from that would help.”

“I can ask him when I go back to work, he wasn’t talking much when I left. He’s lost all hope, and I think he was disappointed we revived him. He’s pretty far gone on the drugs.”

“I wonder if the drugs they’re giving out are different than the other street drugs,” Benjamin said.

“How do you mean?” I asked, the hair on my neck bristled at the idea of vampires working so hard to get humans addicted.

“Maybe they’re not only stronger to get them higher, but also more addictive. If they could somehow find humans who could survive the amount of drugs necessary for them to get high and still be able to pump them full of more, they’d have everything they need. Maybe they’re just putting feelers out there now in preparation for something else.”

“What could be worse than creating addicts only to bleed them dry and leave them for dead?” I asked.

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