Data Entry

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Data Entry
Author: Emily Carrington
Universe: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Rating: erotic
Pairing: Geordi/Data

Geordi had never considered himself the shy type, but surely it should have occurred to him long before this. He was standing in the middle of Data’s quarters, listening to the android make them drinks and all he could think about were the failed attempts with women that had plagued his existence for years. He hadn’t tried with any men since his Academy days but those had likewise resulted in his feeling awkward and lost.
Data approached with a blend of nutrients for his insides and a cup of hot chocolate for Geordi.
“Coca?” Geordi blurted. “Data, what made you think of that? Usually when people are preparing to…” Oh, but he couldn’t even say it!
“Synthehol is usually the expected thing but you have never enjoyed that particular beverage, at least not to my knowledge. Coffee is often what you drink but that does not seem to be an ideal drink for relaxation.”
“Are you channeling Counselor Troi?” Geordi asked as he took the proffered cup and sipped. Hm, it wasn’t as sweet as he’d expected and it had a little bite to it.
“You are correct that her enjoyment of chocolate was something I considered. But then I recalled that you have brought this particular Columbian hot chocolate to distressed crew members. And while I do not think you are distressed you seem to need something to relax you.”
Geordi set the cup down on a handy table and hugged Data. It was an impulsive move, and he regretted it almost at once. But he didn’t let go because he didn’t want to send the wrong message. He wanted to be this close to Data. He just didn’t want to appear needy, which he felt he was, or desperate, which he knew other members of the crew assumed was his usual state.
With his cheek resting against Data’s chest, he said, “My mother used to make that for us when we were little. You got the flavor just right. Did you hear me preparing it for someone?”
“Twice,” Data agreed. He set down his cup also and wrapped his arms around Geordi’s back. “Does it please you?”
Geordi nodded, knowing Data would feel the movement. “Your analysis is so complete it’s like intuition.”
Data sounded pleased when he said, “Thank you.”
They moved, almost naturally, to the couch. When they were settled there, Data reached up and touched the side of Geordi’s VISOR. “Would you like to remove this?”
Geordi chuckled. “Only for you.” That wasn’t quite true; he’d taken off his VISOR in front of others before. But doing so with Data seemed the most natural thing in the world.
He removed the device and Data took it, saying in his inoffensive way that he was setting it on the coffee table.
That was a new piece of furniture Geordi had noticed. “Why did you get a coffee table? It doesn’t seem like your style.”
“It was suggested by Lieutenant Barclay. He said cats like to have places to get off the floor. I keep some of Spot’s toys on it as well as one or two data pads because she likes to lay on them.”
Geordi grinned. He reached out for Data’s hand, the android met him halfway, catching his fingers. “You’re a great cat parent.” He turned Data’s hand and began tracing the lines in his friend’s palm. “Do you like this?”
“It is a curious sensation. Does it bring you comfort?”
Geordi laughed outright. “Not everything is about me, you know. This happens to be about showing you that I’m comfortable with you and that I like touching you.”
“May I touch you somewhere?”
Geordi felt his cheeks grow hot. “Where?”
“I can see that your blood is flowing quite naturally toward your groin.”
“Well…” That was awkward as hell, but that was Data all over. Genuine and honest. “Sure, I guess.” And when Data’s hand rested over his trapped penis, Geordi found enough breath to ask, “How and when do you get hard? I know it’s different for you.”
“I expect I was supposed to get hard now,” Data said. “Am I correct?”
Geordi dropped his hand to Data’s crotch and a nervous chuckle fell from his lips. “You’re certainly ready.” He swallowed. “I wonder what you taste like.”
“Would you like to find out?”
His mouth watered. “Yes…” He swallowed again. “Data, are you sure this is what you want?”
“To be intimate with my best friend, with you, is something I have wanted since I realized it could be possible.”
“When did you figure that out?”
“After I was intimate with Tasha.”
“Holy… For that long?”
“Yes,” Data said simply.
“Why didn’t you ever say anything?” He felt Data’s cock pulse under his hand and automatically squeezed lightly.
Data made a noise. Very soft. That is a curious sensation. Do you like it if I…” he applied slight pressure and Geordi gasped in pleasure “reciprocate?”
“I do like it,” Geordi answered just so there wouldn’t be any confusion. In that moment, he was very aware of the strength in Data’s hands and the gentleness with which Data exercised that strength.
They progressed to the bedroom, again almost naturally, Geordi thought, although he wasn’t sure anything he did with another person could be completely natural because of the way he analyzed everything. Data had guided him there and now they stood, Data’s hands on Geordi’s shoulders and Geordi’s hands at Data’s waist.
“May I kiss you?” Data sounded oddly tentative.
“I’d love you to,” Geordi told him.
“Even though I cannot completely focus on only you?”
This was such a strange question that Geordi took a step back. He frowned. “Data, you have at least three dozen things running in your mind at once. How selfish would I have to be to ask you to focus only on me?” He added quietly, “DO I come across as selfish?”
“no.” And Data touched Geordi’s chin.
At some point, Geordi had dropped his head, not able to even make a pretense at facing Data, VISOR or no, blindness or not.
“Geordi, who told you that you are selfish? And why did you believe them?”
Oh, but Data was so quick it was like perfect intuition. Geordi bit his lip, struggled for a moment, and then said, “I’ve always felt like I’m lacking something.”
“not because you are blind,” Data extrapolated. “You have never been ashamed of your challenges.”
Geordi smiled and lifted his head. “No, I haven’t. Thank you for understanding that.” And just like that, he was back in Data’s arms, safe and secure. “I’ve just never connected with anyone on a sexual level.”
“Is that not what we are doing?”
He laughed. “yeah, it is.” And he kissed Data full on the mouth.
Oh, but it was hot and sweet and wonderful from the first. Data knew how to kiss and Geordi found himself wondering how many books Data had read on the subject. Then it didn’t matter because Data’s tongue was in his mouth and he’d opened to his best friend. He dropped his hands to Data’s ass and cupped the beautiful curve of his butt. “Data,” he breathed.
Data drew back slightly. “Yes?”
“keep kissing me. It feels so good.”
Data resumed the lip lock and they traveled to the bed. They had their uniforms off in less than a minute. Then Geordi was feeling his way over every inch of data’s body, tracing pecs and nipples, loving the way they peaked under his fingers.
He groaned when Data gently nudge him onto his back and began licking his nipples. Damn, but that felt good. Like coming home. He groaned and begged, “Please. Touch my cock.”
Data’s hand was warm and strong and gentle around Geordi’s member. “Would you like to be in me?” the android asked delicately.
“You’re a bottom?” Geordi asked as blood rushed to all his extremities and left him feeling slightly dizzy.
“I am what used to be called a switch hitter. But you are a virgin in terms of your…” he faltered.
“My ass,” Geordi supplied, amused.
“Yes. I was not sure how you wanted to refer to your anatomy.”
“I’d love to ride you, Data.”
TO Geordi’s surprise, Data did not need to replicate lube. “Why do you have this?” he asked, imagining Data jacking off.
“I have been practicing.”
He had been jacking off! Geordi couldn’t imagine it but that bald statement meant he had to. And he was impressed by Data’s frankness. “What did you learn?”
“That’ I like to have something up my ass when I masturbate. It brings me to climax more quickly.
Geordi traced a finger over Data’s cleft. “I can help you there.” He was so excited he could barely talk.
They arranged themselves after Data liberally coated Geordi’s cock with lube. Then Data said, “You do not need to prepare me. I am capable of stretching myself.”
Geordi asked carefully, “Would you enjoy it more if I did?”
“Yes,” Data answered promptly. “But if you are too excited…”
“I’d never be too excited to skip pleasuring you.” Geordi snagged the lubricant, made sure the first two fingers of his right hand were slick, and then slipped the first digit inside Data’s receptive body.
It was different than he’d always imagined. He’d always thought it would be hot and moist. Instead, because this was Data, it wasn’t as warm as he’d expected. He asked, “Do you have a pleasure spot?”
“Yes. I discovered it in my experimentation.”
“Tell me where it is.”
And so, with the detail only Data could manage, he described exactly where he liked to be stroked.
And when Geordi found the spot, Data actually shuddered.
“Does it feel good?” he was honestly curious.
“It is a sensation I can cannot access any other way. I enjoy it.”
Which meant, in Data-speak, that it probably felt good. Geordi inserted a second finger and soon Data was asking for a third.
When Data indicated he was ready in his precise way, Geordi entered him. It was so good that he almost came right there. But he got a hold of himself and began to move in and out slowly, making sure to angle so he could reach Data’s sweet spot.
“Geordi, please go faster.”
He did even though he knew he’d be coming in less than a minute if he picked up the pace.
“Data,” he gasped when he knew he was close, “I’m going to orgasm.”
“As am I.”
They came together.
Five minutes later, after Data had fastidiously stripped the bed of its sticky coverlet, he took Geordi in his arms. “Are you content?”
“More or less,” Geordi answered on a huff of laughter. “But I want to do that again. As soon as possible. Except this time, I want to taste you.”
Data kissed the top of Geordi’s head. “Perhaps it is too soon for this, but I would enjoy it immensely if you moved in with me someday.”
Geordi grinned. Then he remembered something he needed to ask. But he had the answer. Data wanted him. That was the truth. And he wanted Data. What more? It was perfect as it was.