Pen Name Origin
Before I got started in the M/M romance community of writers and noticed all the initialed pen names, like I.M. Horny (just kidding—that’s not a real one, to my knowledge), I had a vision of my alternate persona. Picture this:
A woman of seventy or so, hunched over a typewriter. She’s wearing a shawl around her bony shoulders because it’s always cold in her cottage. The country doesn’t matter, but the long winters do. She’s almost always chilled and most of the heat she does feel comes from the stories she writes. Emily is a favorite name of mine and Carrington just sounds so proper that I couldn’t pass it up. So, here’s this grandmother-type, writing these erotic stories and loving every minute of it. If I ever do Live Chat or book signings, I’m going to wear one of my dozens of long, concealing scarves and pretend Emily and I are the same person. Oh, wait. We are, plus or minus some years and a couple of shawls. And a cottage, of course. But we’re in possession of the same prankish soul.

Where I Live
About two years after I leave a place, that locale ends up in my writing. So, I’ve lived in Florida, New York, and Washington, DC. Also, my family has roots in Pennsylvania, so I’ve based some books there. Where I currently live is a mystery…but you can always tell where I’ve set up shop about twenty-four months ago by looking at my writing.

I know you’re only supposed to give a toast with alcohol, but I imbibe very rarely. So, when I toast someone, it’s often with coffee, coffee, more coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. Each of these suits a certain mood:
Coffee: Whenever I’m tired, physically, mentally, or spiritually, I seek out this bitter liquid and liberally lighten its depths with lactose-free milk or almond milk.
Tea: This habit goes back to my pen name. Often, I picture Emily living in an English cottage and drinking Earl Grey. This goes back to my visit to England, beautiful but too brief, when I fell in love with their tea.
Hot Cocoa: I only drink one kind, dark chocolate cocoa. This isn’t a vain attempt to stay “healthy” while drinking what amounts to raw sugar. It’s a taste thing. For the record, dark hot chocolate is easier to come by in Pennsylvania than where I currently live.

More Places
Please check out my other pages.
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Short Tales: This is where I keep my fan fiction and my Encounters, which are embellished sex scenes between different character pairings from my novellas and novels.
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Take care of each other. We only have one life; spend it being a generous soul.