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September has been National Guide Dog Month (since 2010) and is the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15.

Two of my characters are going to talk about their experiences with National Guide Dog Month and National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Aidan James Kelly (from Heartwood, release date: October 16, 2012) I did most of my growing up at Golden Hills School for the Blind out in California. It’s one of the last schools exclusively for the blind open in the United States, if not the last. I’m not going to say we learned everything we should have about other cultures, but we learned our own culture inside and out. I was a freshman in 2008, when the first National Guide Dog Month was discussed. News swept through Golden Hills like the wildfires that sometimes choke the air out there. The white cane users among us, which included all the students and ninety percent of the teachers, objected to being denied a similar honor. All of the history teachers got together and ordered the students to form debate teams. Pro- and anti-Guide Dog Month, and pro- and anti-white cane month, were the sides we had to take. I loved it, especially when I had to argue on both sides of an argument during a single class. As my karate teacher, Minamoto-sensei, says, such challenges call to my warrior nature.


Agent Luis Delgado (from Dragon in Training 3: Dragon’s Bane, available now at “August 17, 1988 was a proud day for my parents and grandparents. Even for the members of my family who don’t live in the United States and don’t care much about what is or isn’t declared here, that date is considered significant. National Hispanic Heritage Month was made into law through President Reagan’s efforts on that day. I’m not quite so reverent, but I respect my family’s appreciation of effort. I appreciate effort myself, or I wouldn’t be so taken with a certain professor I worked with recently.

“But this is supposed to be about National Hispanic Heritage Month. Yes, it’s a very fine thing. If only it pertained to more than humans. I understand SearchLight’s requirement of secrecy. It’s the magical world’s requirement also. I still think I would appreciate National Hispanic Heritage Month more if it included not only Hispanic humans, but Hispanic psychic vampires like me as well. Don’t smile at me. I know everything you’re thinking.”


“Please forgive Luis, ladies and gentlemen. He’s a bit…untamed. Forgive him, but guard your minds. And since the warnings of a stranger mean nothing, I’m Professor Charlie McLaughlin.”


This is Emily. Forgive them both. They’re like naughty children. It’s the plan that you’ll meet them in a book all their own.



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