Dear Readers,

Thank you to everupme who participated in the name-a-werewolf contest. Many of you contributed several names, and exciting back stories to go with them. I enjoyed each contribution, and have at last chosen the winners.

Before I announce first and second prize, however, let me remind the other authors who answered this challenge that I would like to interview you on my website. (Soon. Promise. ) I hope you will invite your followers to visit here so you can give away a book or two.

First prize goes to Lynne for her excellent hybrid suggestions. Second prize goes to Allie for her fabulous research.

Thank you again to my other readers who participated in this contest. Many of the names you suggested were so amazing they may find their way into a story. If they do, I will of course give you a copy of the book and, with your permission, name you in my acknowledgements.

Peace all, and watch tomorrow for the next chapter in Tabitha’s story,


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