Good morning all. I want to thank Allyn for pointing out that the RWA rules for the RITA contest don’t specifically preclude LGBT fiction. I’ve been meaning to post a follow-up to my other post, and her words reminded me of my duty.

Although the RITA and Golden Heart rules don’t specifically prohibit LGBT entries, they do prohibit erotica. Traditionally (in fact, up until now) LGBT fiction has been confined to the erotica genre. In effect, the RITA and Golden Heart contests are excluding LGBT entries by default.

HOWEVER, since an outcry has come from the romance community for LGBT fiction not written in the erotica genre, perhaps LGBT entries will be seen in the RITA and Golden Heart contests in coming years. It’s a day we can all hope and pray for.



4 thoughts on “In Defense of LGBT Rights- Part 2

  1. I will find the exact quote and post it here. It may take a day or so, though. I’m on deadline. (Unfortunately for school, not for Loose Id!) Thank you for being so interested in this. Information is always power.

    1. Good morning. I’ve definitely found it. Check out my “small crow” post. I did- and got a date out of it in the bargain! I hope yours was wonderful as well.


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