Dear Readers,

I came across this on Facebook, forwarded by the actor George Takei. It frightened and disturbed me so much I knew it needed to be shared with as many people as possible.

We’re sharing this to help stop violence against our community. It happened yesterday in our neighborhood. Here’s an account by the couple that was attacked: Here it is:

“My name is Nick. My partner Kevin and I got jumped yesterday in broad daylight in midtown. A group of men wearing Knicks jerseys just got out of the game at Madison Square Garden. We were verbally accosted by two of them… It was then that I realized we were surrounded. They broke my nose and his wrist…they called us fags and told us to not bother fighting. This event happened just outside Macdonalds where they were caught on tape and several by-standers had their cameras out taking video. Despite this, police have informed us that they couldn’t promise anything as there were a ton of fans in the city at that moment.

“…This is just proof that the fight for equality is far from over. This happened in Midtown, during the day, with a ton of people around, just across the street from the New Yorker. When are we safe?”

I remember reading a review of Dragon Fire where the reviewer complained that it was too dark, that homophobia wasn’t as much of a problem anymore.

Please, if you live in a state where gay marriage is legal, watch out for each other. Straight or gay, watch out for each other. And when the Supreme Court rulings about Proposition 8 and the DOMA case come down, be even more on your guard. Because there are people ready to attack and kill in the midst of their angry confusion.

Be good to each other,



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