Dear Readers,

“World Without Color” is almost complete. It will be up next Saturday. Five Brownie points to anyone who can guess who Tabitha’s mystery “bad genie” is before the end of the story. (She meets him.)

Heartwood is selling amazingly well. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed to that. I’m so excited about it and about the sequel.

Speaking of sequels, Mike and Aidan will be back for their second (and final) appearance in Black Mahogany. This book’s release is set tentatively for June 28th. It will be out in June at some point because June is “I do, unless I don’t” wedding month at Loose Id, Llc.

The next book in the SearchLight series is tentatively titled A Pack of His Own: Hunter’s Claim and more tentatively set for release in August. This book features two minor characters from Dragon’s Bane: Professor Charlie McLaughlin and Agent Luis Delgado.

Peace everyone, and I look forward to your thoughts on the final installment of Tabitha’s adventure.



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