At this point, it’s feeling a bit silly to call my series where I share writing excerpts from my favorite authors First Chapter Fridays. Today, as I write this, it is Wednesday. I am hoping to get back on track this week. In the meantime, though, I couldn’t wait one day more to share with you an excerpt from Wulf and the Bounty Hunter, an AMAZING new sci-fi romance novel by none other than Gail KogerWulf and the Bounty Hunter came out in October, and I am positively hooked. Koger is an exquisite world-builder–not to mention, amazing at building chemistry and tension between characters. A++ would recommend, as the kids say these days.

wulfThe story:  Wulf knows Yakira is his soul mate. The only person he needs to convince is her, but with intergalactic terrorists on Yakira’s trail, there’s little time for romance. What’s a hot-blooded Coletti warlord to do?

Yakira feels safe and cherished with Wulf, but he is a Coletti; the ultimate predator with a taste for blood, a passion for battle and the need to control everything in his life. The big question is; how does she make Wulf understand she’s a powerful psychic with kick-ass bionic limbs and quite capable of taking care of herself?
If you like what you read, you can buy Wulf and the Bounty Hunter on Amazon, and you can connect further with Gail Koger on her Goodreads page. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
I was ten years old, alone on an alien planet and desperate. I hadn’t eaten in two days and I was so hungry. I knew sneaking into a space port tavern was a bad idea, but if something went wrong, I could outrun a drunk male easily. I sucked up my courage and slipped inside….
Leaving suddenly seemed like a good idea. My gaze fixed on the grimy counter. Oh thank the Goddess, some fool had left his credit chip laying out. Edging closer, I mentally scanned the huge Coletti warrior sitting on the bar stool. It was probably his. One of the dancers was rubbing her breasts all over his face. The warrior really liked it. I frowned. Huh? He wanted his snake thingy inside the dancer’s tunnel? He had a snake? And why would he want to put it in her tunnel?
Read the entire chapter at Gail Koger’s Goodreads page.

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