ID ten T error
Pebcac Trouble
Picnic Problem

Don’t these all sound like serious computer issues? They aren’t. The first one means the letters I, D, I, O, T.

The second one means problem exists between chair and computer.

The third one? Problem in chair, not in computer.

Today I had all three of these problems. Here’s the basic situation: I called Microsoft answer desk for help with my Outlook account. We, the agent on the phone and I, discussed the fact that my messages were not showing up. My most recent message was from, apparently, July. After an hour of trying this, that, and the other thing, including trying different passwords, we both discovered, simultaneously, that my inbox was set up to list the sender by alphabetical order rather than by date. It took us an entire hour to figure this out. Talk about an idiot error!

This problem aside, the next two books in my Lady Troubles series will be arriving in October and November. Please check them out at changeling press! The computer shall not defeat me!

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