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Usually television is seen as the enemy of the written word. I actually don’t even own a T.V. at the moment. But television set up the dry kindling for my imagination. So I’m curious. Did any T.V. shows change how you look at books?

I’ve been re-experiencing certain T.V. shows over the last few weeks, and they all seem to have the same buried theme. In the midst of cartoons and dramas, I’ve found the seeds of my love of male-male romance.

When I first began creating my own worlds instead of living in fan fiction universes, I couldn’t understand why relationship stories drew me more than pure science fiction or fantasy. Hadn’t I grown up with the likes of Star Trek, Knight Rider, and Ronin Warriors? I had, not to mention a dozen others, but beyond the action of each show were relationships. And not just the heterosexual ones showcased every few weeks. I’m talking about the friendships that lingered a little too close, and the intimate understanding between certain characters that belied any definition of friendship I knew as a child or young adult.

My kindling pile looks something like this:

Books: LotR*/Force of Nature**/Best Gay Romance of***

Star Trek: TNG/The Ronin Warrirors/Knight Rider/Star Wars

The Real Ghostbusters/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Jem and the Holograms

What does your pile of kindling look like? What television shows led you to the books you love?



*LotR Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien; There isn’t any explicit or implied gay romance here, but there has been so much speculation about certain characters that I was intrigued by this story beyond my love of the world and the adventure.

** Force of Nature by Suzanne Brockmann; To my knowledge, this is the first novel in mainstream romance where a gay couple gets their happily ever after. Go Mrs. Brockmann!

***All the Best of Gay Romance (several years now) have been edited by Richard Labonte



4 thoughts on “For love of M/M romance

  1. So, the question is, “Did tv change how I look at books? OOOhhh yeah, Yaoi Animation and Manga,that got me started down this path. It all started with “Junjo Romantica” and “The Worlds’ Greatest Love Affair.” Whoa, with the first episode I was hooked…Line & Sinker, and never went back. 😉

    1. Now which of those is a TV show and which is manga? I have trouble seeing manga to read it, but I didn’t know there were yaoi shows! And how do you find them? I bet they’re in Japanese. With or without subtitles? 🙂

  2. Yep. They’re Japanese! They are Manga(print) & film(Anime). Junjo ran 2 seasons; caught it on a website devoted to Anime & Manga. And I believe The Worlds Greatest Love Affair is still running as Anime on the site. Did I answer your question???? LOL

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