Hello, all! I hope you’re surviving February, the shortest longest month. I know it’s been a while since I gave you a First Chapter Friday–I’ve spent the last few weeks buried in February, and celebrating the release of my newest book. Chinese Morning, the last book in my Dragons Schooled series, just came out! If you haven’t already, you should go check it out.

This entry isn’t about me, though. It is to share with you the latest effort from Wynter S.K. The Mood for Trouble is compelling. It’s full of suspense and punchy dialogue, and has an atmosphere that feels very film noir-inspired. I was drawn into the world of Agents Moreno and Harper from the very first sentence. Definitely one of the hottest first meetings between characters I’ve read in a long time.

Here’s how Wynter describes her own book:

It takes a special blend of insanity and courage to answer the call to become a United States federal agent. CIA officer Charlotte “Chase” Moreno is equal parts crazy and brave, which, when combined properly, creates one kick-ass, dead-shot, often reckless spy.

Chase and sexy, roughneck DEA Special Agent Jonathan Harper are forced to work together to bring down an international drug and weapons syndicate, and there’s one problem: they can’t stand each other. But when he comes to her rescue on their first mission together, it’s impossible for either of them to deny their growing feelings, or the heat that’s boiling just beneath the surface between them. But one sizzling, unforgettable night between them in Sin City might have just changed the tide–forever.

Right now (and I mean RIGHT NOW), Wynter is running a contest. If you like her Facebook page, you will be entered to win a Kindle copy of The Mood for Trouble. Wynter will choose a winner this coming Monday, so be sure to get liking–fast.

All righty, then. Enough from me. As always, I present you with a small passage from the book. If you like it (although in this case, I would like to stress that giving you a tiny passage cannot do this chapter justice), I’ll give you the link to Wynter’s website, as well as other places you can reach her. That said, on with the show!

I loitered near a roulette table, breathing in the tropical-scented air of the casino as I cased the room. Movement along the far wall caught my eye, and my head swiveled like a cat locking onto prey. He strolled along the edge of the casino by the wall, wearing the shit out of an expensive and beautifully tailored pale gray suit, a sky-blue button-down underneath the jacket. No tie, top two buttons undone—playing every bit the part of the ritzy tourist with money to blow and debauchery on the brain.

Go to Wynter’s website to read the entire chapter.
Buy The Mood for Trouble: Amazon | B & N

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