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For First Chapter Friday I present to you the opening chapter of “Time Shifters” by fellow author, Myra Nour. Please take a moment to check out her exciting excerpt below. Thanks!

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Chapter One
“Oh,” she groaned aloud. There he was again, the dark mysterious figure that haunted her more nights than she cared to count. This time, they stood facing each other in the middle of a night-black forest; she was already frightened, her breathing frenzied and her heart pounding. She felt like she was caught in the middle of a Twilight Zone episode—death approached, but it was as if she were stuck in a quagmire and couldn’t move.
He edged closer, stepped into the moonlit glade between her and the protective foliage that had covered his form. A werewolf! Briana was shocked. Even though she was a strong person, she was too scared to move an inch. She’d expected a menacing stranger, not a fictional monster. He looked real enough, his body bulky with muscles, and she even noticed a musky odor.
Abruptly, the creature jumped in one great predatory leap, landing directly in front of her. His weight crushed a small branch into kindling as he landed. Strangely, she wasn’t frightened, not now. Why? She didn’t know. Her heart thudded heavily against her chest, her breathing came in short pants, but from another source entirely—she was turned on. Briana found this startling. The appearance of a savage, beast-like wolfman made her hot? It was insane, this sudden switch from terror to lust.
For years, she had been involved in strange encounters with this mystery man, who tonight, had turned out to be a nightmarish creature. But this was turning into the weirdest experience she’d ever had. Once he made his appearance in wolf/human form, she no longer feared his presence. It was as if there was a connection between them, a hidden knowledge she found puzzling.
“Who are you?”
His answer was a guttural growl, then a pounce onto her body. She fell to the ground, landing uninjured on a soft pile of leaves. For some crazy reason, she knew he did not intend to hurt her. The beast’s body was heavy, his long hair tickling against her exposed skin. She glanced down at her naked body, again surprised; she’d been wearing her nightgown earlier.
Drool dripped onto her chin and she looked up into its beautiful, but eerie, golden eyes, strangely unaffected by the savage grin of its fanged mouth. She still wasn’t frightened.
Suddenly, he swooped down on her neck, sucked up flesh into his mouth, his teeth delicately holding the skin, but not piercing it. His warm tongue licked between his fangs, up and down, then made swirls, as if he drew on an invisible artist’s palette. My, it certainly felt real.
Briana’s insides churned, heat concentrated in her neck and connected with her lower body in a surprising rush. Moaning, she arched her back. She wanted…she didn’t know what she wanted, perhaps more of his delicious-feeling tongue. The werewolf released her with a quick flick of his tongue, then descended lower and nuzzled one of her breasts, tickling the sensitive skin into a hard nub simply with his downy soft facial hair. When he latched onto her flesh with his tongue and gentle nips of his teeth, her nerve endings were set to explode.
She could see nothing but his golden eyes; his body hair melded with the ink-black night so efficiently. But she didn’t need to see; she could feel. His member bumped against her thigh, as if asking entry. Brianna was ready, filled with a desire she couldn’t fathom. She welcomed him with her whole being.
It was unbelievable…it felt so good. Felt like he belonged there always, moving his large body in a rhythm she matched stroke for stroke. She had never felt such heat during a sexual encounter. Gripping his hairy behind, she urged him forward faster and harder. His large staff filled her completely and she trembled as a body-thrumming orgasm rioted through her senses.
Abruptly, she pitched into wakefulness completely confused. Where was she? For a second, Briana looked around for a hairy form, but only the interior of her cozy hotel room met her gaze. Stretching, she was startled by the dampness of her arousal and the aching throb that emitted in rhythmic beats from her cloth-covered groin.
Man, what a dream!
A wet dream. She knew this was common for men, but didn’t think it was for women—she’d never experienced one before. Breathing slowly, she consciously slowed her body’s response to the highly erotic dream. It took a few minutes, but finally she had control of herself again.
Why am I having such bizarre dreams when I’m having such a great time?
Briana not only didn’t understand her strange, surreal dreams, but also didn’t understand herself anymore—at least not after last night. She was in New Mexico on vacation, sequestered in a quiet spa resort, Los Ojos, enjoying her first true vacation in a long time.
The naturally heated medicinal pools of the resort were heavenly; the soda pool was her favorite. She’d been soaking for hours each day. A daiquiri in hand made it easy to chat with others who came to relax as well. For the most part, the patrons of the spa were intellectuals, and like her, sought a quiet, lesser-known place to relax. Briana had made several acquaintances, people she’d never see again, but it was surprising what you could discuss with strangers, private things you sometimes didn’t even share with friends. Subjects like dreams, goals unmet, and desires of the heart.
Exchanges about boyfriends and job issues made the rounds with little forethought. She realized that maybe the conversation and companionship were the biggest pluses to her trip, not the hot springs “tubs”, luxurious massages, pampering facials, nature hikes, or wonderful gourmet restaurant.
As manager for a large hotel in Dallas, Briana was simply too busy to have much of a life, period. She didn’t have regular girlfriends, unlike many of her co-workers; there never seemed to be time to make any. She dated so infrequently it was a subject of gossip for the hotel staff, and that was not due to her looks; she was self-confident enough to know she looked just fine.
Not one of the men she’d ever dated had piqued her interest either for more than a short period of time. Again, she didn’t understand why she seemed to have such a problem finding the right man. A few of the men had been “real catches”, as the female staff would say. They had good jobs, their appearances ranged from cute to downright handsome, and they drove luxury cars. Of course, being a modern woman, she didn’t require a man to make a living, and even orgasms could be easily achieved with a toy. But dates were nice. Having someone to share activities with was fun, and making love with a man was, for the most part, an experience she didn’t want deleted from her life.
Lovemaking. Some lovers had been adequate, giving her satisfaction with mostly unskilled efforts, probably due more to her own natural sensuality than anything else. A few were downright pitiful—a “two-minute man” wasn’t for her!
Mark had come the closest to being someone she could spend a lifetime with. He was handsome and was the manager of a nearby hotel, so they had that in common. And they both enjoyed walks in the park, watching horror movies, and reading science fiction novels. He was even a spectacular lover, always bringing her to satisfaction more than once during a session.
But, there was something she couldn’t put her finger on, some unfathomable reason why she couldn’t commit. She wasn’t afraid of commitment; at least she didn’t think so. Mark had even asked in a diplomatic way about an engagement, which she’d ignored. He was the one who broke off their long-standing dating relationship, after she’d dragged her feet for months without giving him a response.
Getting up from the comfortable bed, she gulped down a glass of water. She had been having a fun vacation until he had appeared in her dreams. The dark figure she now knew was a wolfman. Sighing, she pushed the curtain aside, surprised when the sun’s rays hit her full force. Dressing quickly, she thrust thoughts of her disturbing dream from her mind, determined to enjoy a full day of activities. And she did.
That night, she was exhausted. She’d made sure to hike, do yoga, and swim, in order to guarantee a good night’s sleep. But, as she was drifting off peacefully, the male called to her once again. She managed to ignore him and fall asleep anyway. Demanding attention, he made such a racket in her head; she finally awakened, disturbed and confused. She jumped up, grumpy and tired, but dressed mechanically.
She was restless, paced the floor for over an hour, and then suddenly decided to go for a drive. The road she chose was dark, much of it long and straight, stretching for miles with nothing breaking the boring landscape. Flatland, with ugly shrub brush frequently marring its surface. She must have driven for hours, her thoughts flitting back to him and all the appearances he’d made into her night realm. At all times she was still aware of him, as if he sat at the back of her mind and sang to her. It was eerie, but beautiful.
Finally, after hours, she pulled into some kind of cleared area. That singsong voice had stopped and somehow she knew she’d arrived at her destination. She was exhausted and fell into a restless sleep. Waking at predawn, when the land was gray and indistinguishable, she waited for the sun to rise so she could see where the heck she’d driven herself during the night. She did not feel refreshed.
It was dusky dark, not much to see except the huge, dark hump of something big directly in front of her vehicle. Probably a mountain, from its shape. When the sun peeked over the horizon, she looked through the windshield, and realized she had stopped in an area that looked like a primitive parking lot. It was dusty and small. She had no idea what it was a parking lot for, and right then, she didn’t care. Running a hand through her short locks, she peered with groggy eyes at the landscape.
“What’s wrong with me?” She spoke aloud; the absolute silence surrounding her made her aware of the isolation of this park. Where am I? Out in the middle of nowhere, Briana answered herself—silently this time. God only knew where she was.
Am I going insane?

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