Happy Hanukkah! Well, almost. The Festival of Lights starts after sundown on December 20th this year. To celebrate, my Jewish dragon, Mark, and his genie lover, Luke, will be posting excerpts from their journals and other assorted writings. They went through a difficult (and heated) patch during Hanukkah a few years back, and now they’re ready to share their adventure. Come enjoy the eight crazy nights as only a genie and dragon can put them together.

Running on my blog every night after sundown from December 20th through December 28th.

Dragon in Training series (available, of course, at www.loose-id.com):
Dragon Food: www.loose-id.com/catalogsearch.aspx?Keywords=Dragon%20Food
Dragon Fire: www.loose-id.com/catalogsearch.aspx?Keywords=Dragon%20Fire
Coming Soon: the third and final book in the Dragon in Training series…


Also, just a quick note: I have finally joined the Tweet generation, although I’m still not sure what you call your profile name. Is it called a profile name? Please comment!

My profile name is: CarringtonEmily. Look to my Tweet for news about the Dragon in Training series, giveaways, contests, and other assorted goodies.


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