Not only has Mark failed to pop the question…


From Dragon Fire: [Mark’s mother] gazed at them for a moment, and then she crossed to the bed. She picked up the goblet. “Ah, a good make. You have been doing your research.” She kissed Mark’s forehead. And then she picked up the box with the rings. “These are well made also.” She looked between both of them. “Now all you need is a chupah.” She set the goblet and box back on the bed, smiled, and then walked back out, closing the door behind her.

Luke stared at the door for a moment but then managed to drag his gaze back to his lover, who seemed to have turned to stone. “What’s a chupah?”

Mark’s eyes were bright with something that might have been amusement or shock. “It’s a Jewish wedding canopy.”


…and he has forgotten to fulfill a promise.*


Dragon in Training 3: Dragon’s Bane


These two mistakes and the interference of a genie-god under an enemy’s control, could be enough to drive Mark and Luke apart for good. Or even get them killed.*


Dragon in Training 3: Dragon’s Bane will be unleashed at in late August.


P.S. As the time for Dragon’s Bane draws nearer, check back for games, giveaways, and other fun surprises. Happy reading.

*Unofficial blurb

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