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My goal is to post every Saturday from now on. Now that I’ve made that goal, I’m being called out of town for the weekend. So I’m posting early. 🙂

I’m having a technical issue trying to post the cover for Dragon’s Bane, but you can view it on my Facebook page, which can be reached by clicking on the FB link at the bottom of my homepage. I’m pretty sure the “technical difficulty” is a user error, so if anyone is a whiz with WordPress and knows how to upload and insert a new picture, I would be grateful.

I’ve signed the contract for my next book, Heartwood. This is a stand-alone coming out story based in a small village a lot like the one I grew up there. The comparison stops at that door, but I’ve learned quite a bit from working with my main characters, Mike Delaney and Aidan Kelly. Heartwood will be released in October from Loose Id, Llc.

Oh! Just a quick note. Loose Id has opened their new website. It looks great. Speaking as a person with a disability, it’s much easier to navigate than the old website. Check it out here:

I have one last thing to share before I dash off to finish the packing I should have started three days ago. My next series will be centered around one or more werewolf packs (planned before your answer, Calvin, but I hope this makes you smile). I’ve come up with the names for most of the lead characters, but I need the names for some of the minor secondary characters and walk-ons. I’m looking for names (first and/or last, male and/or female) from the following countries: England, Spain, Mexico, Ireland, and Scotland.

This contest will run until November 1st, and I will choose winners based on the following criteria:

1. Culturally appropriate: let me know which country this wolf is from, and how long his/her family has been in the United States

2. Creativity and Research: If a wolf’s family has been in the U.S. for several generations and you can give me a good reason for the different spelling of his or her first or last name (a reason it’s spelled differently over here versus in the home country) your score will greatly improve

1st Prize: Any two books from my backlist and a copy of the book(s) in which the name(s) chosen were used.

2nd Prize: Any one book from my backlist and a copy of the book(s) in which the name(s) chosen were used.

Good luck!



9 thoughts on “Dragon’s Bane cover, Next Book contest, and…

  1. It did make me smile 🙂 Thanks Emily.

    As for the name of a werewolf, I was thinking of Blake Matthews. A mix of English and Scottish heritage thrown in there.

    I was thinking that he would have travelled over to the states to be with his lover.

    Thanks for the shout out in your blog post btw. Good luck with your writing.

  2. Apologies for replying to a reply, but I’m still learning my way around my own site. Anyway, this reply was left on my Facebook page, and to keep track of names, I’m posting it here:

    Pepper Latel
    In honour of a good friend of mine, I recommend the name “Deian”. (Said Dee-an). From England, Deian, age 250, came to the US fairly recently. I don’t know your werewolf rules, but in my head they’re very long-lived… several hundred y
    ears, at least. So Deian was born and raised in England, but eventually got bored and moved to Russia for a few generations, then to Ireland, and then on to the US within the last 20 years or so. He still maintains his English accent (he did live in England for over 150 years, after all) and his 18th century mindset about humanity, even tho he’s had a few successful friendships with humans. He’s a loner, without a Mate (yet?) He is generally straight with a good solid bi streak that comes out around submissive males. He’d make a good Alpha, if he liked being around others enough, but generally he likes his own space. His favourite things to do are walks on the beach and long hot bubble baths, and… wait, this isn’t a Miss America contest….


  3. I’m British, and I’ve never heard of the name Deiein! Fun name, but you’re more likely to meet a string of Garys (Gazzers) in most pubs!

    Jonathan Carrington-Featherstonehaugh, descended from a long line of English wolves. His great-great grandfather came over to explore the Wild West and look for gold.

    Roderigo Escobal, descended from conquistadores.

    Jesus Santiago, descended from one of Santa Ana’s soldiers, separated from his people in disgust after the slaughter at the Alamo.

    Paddy O’Reilly, an ex IRA hitman, who came over after bombing a pub in Nottingham, England. There’s still a price on his head.

    Tommy McLeish, whose parents came from the Glasgow slums, looking for a better life in America.

    Me, I’d go for something less typical, dig a bit deeper and go for the hybrids.

    1. Hi, Lynne! You have some great ideas, and you’ve given me something to add in my next post: readers and/or authors may offer more than one suggestion, thus increasing their chances to win.

      Thanks for contributing!


  4. Okay, I’ll give this a shot, but you have no idea how much I struggle coming up with my own character names. It’s like trying to name your children. Here we go:

    Lupita Medina Lopez – Spanish – female (Lupita means “little wolf”)

    Rodolfo Santiago Vargas – Spanish – male (Rodolfo means “famous wolf”)

    Alasdair Kincaid – Scottish – male

    Conall McKnight – Scottish – male(Conall means “strong wolf”)

  5. Okay, I’m gonna whine here. This is way too HARD!! I’m not a writer…waaah!
    I need more info to get this right. 🙁
    Is it a comedy? Is it serious? Romantic? And I need to supply a history too??? GGGGGGrrrrrr.
    Okay…Here’s my best shot! Since I’m a trekkie…I’m going to say: Tiberius for a first name if the guy is classy. And if the guy is quirky, I’m gonna say Scotty. If the guy is serious, Leonard.
    As far as a history, well, can we say that the parents that named their child were Star Trek fans? I don’t know…They could be from anywhere then, any time frame after the sixties.Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t some up with something better. (sniff,sniff) 🙁

    1. Hi, Naomi! It’s less about the history of the character (although that’s cool too) than his or her cultural heritage. What country did he or she come from? If the character’s American, unless Native American (in which case, what tribe) where are his or her ancestors from? That kind of thing. But Trekkie parents are fun too. They have the most interesting children! (Not kidding. I know a couple who named their daughter Geordi. Granted, the name existed before Star Trek: The Next Generation, but they admitted that’s where they got the idea.)


  6. Oh, okay. Hmmmm…Well it can include Native Americans? I’ll have to do some research. It’s been a while since I’ve studied Anthropology. But, if a werewolf was from Mexico, he could be a descendant of an Aztec God and have one of those cool names. Like Tezcatlipoca,”the God of providence, matter and the invisible, ruler of the night, Great Bear, impalpable, ubiquity and the twilight, the lord of the North,”per Wikipedia.
    I liked the bit about ruler of the night for a werewolf. 🙂

    1. That’s a long definition for just one name! Native American names are welcome. You’ll be meeting a werewolf with some Native American blood in Dragon’s Bane. Have fun.


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