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Good morning! I hope this finds you well today. I’ve had an interesting week as my cat learns to explore new heights. She’s found a way onto the top of my fridge where I keep the cat and dog treats. Luckily, the treat container has foiled her plans thus far. Tune in next week.

Please visit my excerpts page for an excerpt from Dragon’s Bane. But before you take off, here’s an unofficial blurb for the last novel in the Dragon in Training trilogy.

“Atlas, a genie-god with nearly limitless power, has one task to complete. He must find the modern equivalent of Cerberus and kill it. He discovers the three-headed dog’s incarnation are three figures which surround his current master, Dan. These three are Dan’s current lover, Reese, Mark, a water dragon and Reese’s obsession, and Luke, Mark’s genie. Luke possesses nowhere near Atlas’s strength. If Atlas fails, he will be unleashed upon the world, insane and unstoppable.


“Mark and Luke, still uneasy in their unequal relationship and with Mark’s reluctance to fully embrace his true nature as a dragon, find themselves under attack. Their memories are altered and untrustworthy. They forget key information, including Atlas’s existence, and how much they love and need each other, long enough or consistently enough to effectively fight back against this powerful new threat. And they aren’t the only ones whose memories and realities are being violated and altered. As their uneasiness around each other grows, Mark and Luke may lose sight of the one thing that has always protected them. Only their love for each other can save them — and everyone at Searchlight — from Atlas completing his terrible final task.”

Also, until a miracle occurs, the cover for Dragon’s Bane is still beyond my reach. To that end, here’s a link for another place to find it:


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