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This is too important not to blog about. Here’s the article:

Title: Dr. Seuss Story Accused of Having a Political Agenda, Barred from Classroom’s+Children’s+Bookshelf&utm_campaign=0218104458-UA-15906914-1&utm_medium=email#.T6PZZfI0iSr

So, now that the Harry Potter books are banned in some schools because they include “magic,” Charlotte’s Web is banned because the animals talk (a different school), and Heather Has Two Mommies is just plain *not talked about* in public schools (or libraries) for the most part *at all,* what are we left with? The subversive writers are the ones who survive because they’re the only ones who stay sane, but in a few years, will they be the writers who can’t sell their manuscripts at all? While reading about this on Facebook, one of the comments made was, “Is this Soviet Russia?”  No. Just another example of conservatives being afraid to let their children suffer exposure to anything that goes beyond “This is right, that is wrong, and one plus one is two.” No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at some of the quote-unquote first world countries.

—  Emily Carrington

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