Their First Time

Exclusive Content: Their First Time
Author’s Note: This short story does not have a happy ending. It’s the first time Luis and Charlie, from A Pack of His Own, make love. If you want their happily-ever-after, you’ll have to read Hunter’s Claim, the first book in the A Pack of His Own, volume 1.

Luis was as nervous as, well, as a psychic vampire at his first unassisted feeding. Psychic vampires lived off the emotions of others, but when they were children, until they turned seventeen in fact, they fed under the supervision of an adult. And even after they started feeding on their own, they were “checked” regularly to make sure they weren’t violating any rules. The rules were: feed only from willing participants, and that basically meant other magical creatures and the few humans who knew about the magical world.
When Luis had first come to SearchLight Academy, he’d had a feeder with him because his mother, matriarch of all the psychic vampires of Puerto Rico, hadn’t truly trusted either SearchLight or her own son. Only in his third year was Luis allowed to start seeking his own food.
And the first person he’d wanted to feed from was his languages professor, Charlie McLaughlin. Not just because the man—Luis had thought he was human at the time—was controlled and poised, which meant emotions were richer when tapped, but because Professor McLaughlin was scorching hot. Luis, twenty and green as hell, had even fantasized about taking the professor as a lover. But he’d never quite gotten up the guts to propose anything.
Now, years later, he was a SearchLight agent, a tracker, which was a combination hunter, spy, information gatherer, and, when needed executioner. He was at the top of his game. He and Charlie had worked together on the Tavery case, protecting Mark Tavery from a powerful, no-holds-barred genie god. They’d worked well together, almost as smoothly as Luis functioned with his usual tracker partner.
So, when the chance to take Charlie to a fancy party had been plopped into Luis’s lap, he’d been unable to resist the temptation to ask Charlie to accompany him. Mark Tavery annoyed the hell out of him, but the dragon had invited him and Charlie both to his wedding. Why not take advantage of the occasion?
Probably Charlie would only blow him off.
Except that wasn’t what happened. When Luis approached his former professor and asked him out, Charlie had accepted.
Now, here they stood, at the Tavery-Morrison wedding, and Luis couldn’t think of a thing to say. He wanted so badly to hold Charlie’s hand, kiss it, and maybe take the professor to bed that he was tongue-tied.
It was maybe two hours into the reception when Luke Morrison, well Luke Tavery now, moved toward them. He was carrying two faintly purple drinks.

“These are called Lady Lavender,” the genie, Luke, announced when he was closer to them. “Please enjoy, with my compliments.”
Charlie took the proffered glass and, to Luis’s surprise, drank off a healthy draught. He smiled at Luke. “You can stop trying to set us up now,” he muttered. “We’re well on our way to enjoying the evening.”
Luke’s eyes were wide with what appeared to be unfeigned surprise and Luis didn’t blame him. As soon as the genie was gone, he turned to Charlie.
“Really?” he asked.
“I can’t deny I’ve been thinking about jumping you.” He handed Luis the second Lady Lavender.
It was Luis’s turn to take a deep swallow. Now that they were down to it, he was absolutely sure he was going to fuck up the whole thing.
Charlie leaned close and whispered, “Don’t you want me?” His lips were so close to Luis’s ear that his mustache tickled the sensitive skin of Luis’s lobe.
Luis nodded slowly, his gaze locked on Charlie’s face as the half human, half werewolf drew back. “You’re not playing with me, are you?”
“We’re not on assignment anymore,” the professor said.
They tried dancing, but it was uncomfortable and awkward. Luis wasn’t sure, but even though Charlie had suggested Luis lead, he seemed uneasy. So, they’d retreated, after only a few unsure steps. First to chairs near the wall, and then right out the door.
Charlie asked as they walked around the boat’s deck, “Will you come back to my hotel room with me?”
“My apartment might be more comfortable,” Luis offered as his cheeks were suffused with heat.
Charlie shook his head and there was a no nonsense look in his brown eyes. “Absolutely not. I want you, you want me, but we’re not going to turn a one-night-stand into a relationship. I live in Washington, DC and you live here.”
Luis thought, I’d move for you.
But that was ridiculous. He had a job here, a tracker partner that he worked well with, hell, who was his best friend. He was not ready to throw all of that away just because he had the hots for his former professor. “All right. Hotel room it is.”
The boat had docked about an hour ago; they simply got off and took Luis’s car. Charlie was visually impaired. He couldn’t drive. That reminded Luis…
“Where’s your white cane?”
“There aren’t any steps to get on and off a boat. I figured I’d manage without it.” Sitting in the passenger seat, Charlie smiled a little. “And as long as you’re willing to help me inside…”
Luis would have an excuse to touch Charlie. He grinned. “Of course.”
After he parked and they were both standing by the car, he offered his arm.
Charlie shook his head. “I’ll take your elbow. I can feel your movements more easily that way.”
So, not as intimate as Luis had hoped. Still, the point was to get Charlie safely to his room, not to seduce him in the lobby.
It was an upscale hotel; either SearchLight paid its professors better than Luis had thought, or they’d given Charlie a bonus for his role in the Tavery case. Or maybe Charlie did other work for SearchLight. Visually impaired he might be but he was a powerful telepath who knew how to use his psychic ability against many foes.
They reached Charlie’s room without speaking and without incident. Luis wasn’t sure he’d be able to do anything but stare at Charlie all night. He was petrified of fucking this up. His palms were sweaty and he wiped them discreetly on his dress slacks as Charlie locked the door.
Charlie sang something soothing and low as he turned toward Luis. It was in Werewelsh, the common language shared by most wolves. Luis, who had once dreamed of working beside Charlie as a translator, listened to the words as much as the melody. It was a story about two lovers, star-crossed, who died still seeking each other.
Luis winced. “Well, that’s depressing.”
Charlie smiled slightly and took Luis’s hand. “I forgot how well you speak Werewelsh. I was hoping to lull you with the music, not with the words.” He tugged on Luis’s hand and they sat together on one of the queen-sized beds. Then Charlie touched Luis’s cheek. “Are you sure you want this?”
Luis nodded, reminded himself that kissing was out of the question, and said, “Yes.”
Kissing was verboten because only Life Dancers, lifelong lovers, kissed. That was psychic vampire culture, psychic vampire values. And the fact that Luis wanted to kiss Charlie anyway despite the fact that this was a one-night-stand… Well, that was just insane, wasn’t it?
“Luis?” Charlie tugged lightly on Luis’s ear. “Anyone home?”
Luis groaned softly. “That feels good. Better if you did it with your teeth though.”
Charlie leaned forward, brushed his slightly stubbly cheek against Luis’s own. Then he was nibbling gently where he’d pulled.
Luis groaned again and all sensation rushed to his groin. He hesitated a moment, wondering if he should ask permission, and then chided himself for being so timid. He placed his hand over Charlie’s tented slacks. The heat of the other’s flesh, even through the cloth, made Luis briefly dizzy.
Charlie nipped his ear and Luis moaned.
“Fuck, Charlie, take me.”
They stripped quickly. Luis would have loved to watch his playmate slowly divest himself, but Charlie didn’t draw out the moments. Instead, he took a tube from his suitcase and asked, “Do you want me inside you, Luis?”
His name on Charlie’s lips made him dizzy all over again. Luis climbed onto the bed, snagged a pillow, and pushed it under his hips. “Damn it, yes. Fuck me.”
Charlie paused to coat his cock. Then, cock dripping with lube, and maybe a hint of precum, he crawled toward Luis. He used lube on his fingers too and murmured, “Breathe. And tell me if I hurt you.”
Luis nodded.
“Agreed?” Charlie asked.
Luis nodded again, then remembered. Charlie couldn’t see his head moving. “Yes.”
Charlie bent his head, his mustache brushing Luis’s sensitive cockhead. Then he had Luis’s member between his lips.
Luis shuddered and covered his mouth with one hand to keep from announcing to the whole world what they were doing.
Charlie drew back. “You taste like a dream.” He grinned, flashing bright white teeth in his dark face. “I could suck you all night.”
“”I’d never last,” Luis told him seriously.
Charlie smirked. “Neither would I.” He licked just the glans before slipping a finger deep inside Luis’s body.
Craving more, but knowing he needed to take this slow, that he hadn’t been claimed, or claimed anyone else, in a long time, Luis breathed through it. He made a little more noise than he needed to so Charlie would know he was taking orders.
When Charlie added a second finger, Luis squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. His whole body tensed.
Charlie paused. “Do you want me to pull out?”
“Just…just give me a second.” Luis breathed. Then he opened his eyes and found Charlie’s gaze full of concern. “I’m all right,” he reiterated. “Just…I need a moment.”
Charlie didn’t move his finger. But he bent forward and kissed Luis’s cockhead, darting his tongue out to trace the slit.
Everything in Luis let go and he moaned, probably louder than he should have. “Scissor?” he begged.
As Charlie did just that, Luis knew he was going to lose it. “I need you inside me before I come.”
Charlie pulled his fingers out and positioned his cock at Luis’s entrance. “Breathe,” he reminded Luis. Then he pushed in.
Ah, gods, it felt so damn good. Being stretched and also filled. Luis covered his mouth with one hand and curled his other fist around the base of his cock to stop himself from coming too soon. When he was sure he wasn’t going to embarrass himself, he uncovered his mouth. “Please, Charlie. Move.”
Charlie claimed him thoroughly. As he pushed in and pulled out, faster and faster, he closed his eyes. “You’re so tight, Luis. And you smell so good…”
Luis came. He couldn’t help himself.
Luckily, Charlie was just behind him.
Maybe two minutes later, after Charlie had cleaned them both with a washcloth, he nestled against Luis’s shoulder. He was taller than Luis, so the position was a little awkward. After only a few moments, he sat up.
Luis asked, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. I just…” Charlie got off the bed. “I wanted this. SO did you. But I can’t give in to you. I can’t. I have a life back home.” He started getting dressed.
Sitting up, Luis asked, “You need me to leave, don’t you?”
Before Charlie could answer, Luis’s phone chimed. He pushed himself off the bed and fished out his cell. “Oh, fuck,” he muttered as he read the display.
“What’s wrong?”
“I left Ethan at the boat.” Then, remembering that Charlie didn’t know who Ethan was, Luis explained. “He’s my tracker partner. We came in the same car.”
Charlie nodded. He was fully dressed. “I’m going to go down to the bar and have a drink. I’ll…” He faltered to a stop. “Luis, I really enjoyed what we did. I just can’t… I have a life to get back to.”
“I know. Me too.” Luis reached out and caught Charlie’s hand. He kissed the half wolf’s dark knuckles. “Stay with me?” He wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but Charlie took it in the most innocent sense.
“Until you fall asleep?”
Luis nodded, pretending that was what he meant. Then, remembering that Charlie couldn’t see him moving his head, he said, “yes.”
“It’s only going to make it harder when you wake up and I’m gone.”
Charlie sighed but not as if he was really upset. “Okay.”
Luis snuggled with him on the bed, wrapping Charlie’s arm over his waist and facing away so he could be spooned from behind. Despite his best efforts, he did in fact fall asleep. His last thought before slumber claimed him was, I’ll never forget tonight.
And when he woke in the morning to a room that smelled faintly of sex, he rolled over, half hoping Charlie was just in the other bed. But, no. Charlie was gone. He’d left Luis a note, a single sheet of hotel stationary with his overly-large scrawl on it. I can’t stay, Luis; I have to get back to work.
Luis wished for more, that Charlie had at least admitted he’d miss what they had shared. But no such luck.
He put a hand over his face and groaned softly. “I miss you already.”