Dragons’ Solstice 1: Two-Second Jealousy

Dragons’ Solstice 1: Two-Second Jealousy
A short encounter based on the Dragons Schooled trilogy
Emily Carrington

When Blau and his husband, Rob, tumbled into bed that Winter Solstice Eve, the Alaskan cabin was about fifty degrees Fahrenheit. It was delicious to Blau’s way of thinking and he saw that Rob didn’t appear to be cold. Such was the joy of being a pair of ice dragons. Rob had been so for a little over a year, and Blau had been born one.
Rob was beautifully naked and Blau wore no more than a pair of boxers. But they were special boxers, with the flap over his penis pinned back to reveal a cock ring. It was leather and metal, just a touch uncomfortable. His boxers were plaid, red, black, and green.
Rob’s hand shook slightly as he laid his palm over Blau’s half erect member. “you’re so handsome,” he murmured. “I want you all to myself tomorrow; I don’t want to share you with the ski instructor.”
Blau laughed. “As if anyone else could compare with you?” He kissed his husband deeply. “Make love to me and forget about the instructor who doesn’t even matter.” He pulled back and gave his cock a lazy stroke. “I need you.” Nor was this a mere tease or come-on; he’d been craving Rob’s touch since they’d skated across the ice in their dragon forms. Rob’s light blue scales had gleamed in the sun and it had been breathtaking.
Rob got up, crossed to his suitcase, and fished out some lube. When he popped the top, Blau inhaled, enjoying the scent of flowers, so alien in this season. He and Rob would be here for an entire month, their only escape by a plane planned well in advance. Roads were closed in this part of the Great North through most of the winter.
Rob returned to his side and ran a finger up Blau’s engorged sex. “You’re already desperate for me, aren’t you?”
Blau groaned. “Fuck me? Please?”
Rob smiled. The heaviness of his face had been toned away by months spent as an ice dragon. He loved to fly, in the places where SearchLight said it was safe to fly, and he loved to swim, both as a man and as a dragon. He didn’t have as much opportunity to relish the water in his scaly form but he’d fallen in love with the water as his dragon-made instincts took over.
“Touch yourself,” Rob commanded.
Blau pulled a face. “Demanding?”
And because Rob had turned his words int a request, Blau stroked himself. He shuddered as the pleasures of his hand scrambled his thoughts. He wanted to come so very badly.
Rob stilled his hand. “All right. Standing or on your knees?”
Blau was of the opinion that if he tried to stand, his knees would buckle. So, he knelt on the bed with his ass in his husband’s direction.
Rob prepared him with gentle care that scraped the edge of Blau’s need, fanning the flames of his desire. He moaned and thrust his hips backward. “Please, please,” he whispered. “ride me.”
Rob entered his body in one torturously slow movement. “As you wish,” he murmured.
Blau was sweating; he normally hated that. But he was so desperate to come that he didn’t pay it any mind, even when the sweat trickled into his left eye and stung. “Take it off?”
Rob did.
Blau screamed in pleasure and frustration. He didn’t come instantly, as he’d half hoped.
Rob moved, pulling out and pushing in, claiming Blau with every thrust.
Blau didn’t touch himself; he bowed his head and breathed through the nudge of Rob’s cock against his sweet spot. And then, as the fire built in his balls and he knew he was close, he consciously tightened his ass muscles. “come for me.”
It delighted him when Rob came first despite the ecstatic torture of the cock ring. Only when Rob was shuddering through his orgasm did Blau let himself go.
A little while later, after they’d cleaned up, Blau teased, “What if the ski instructor is male?”
Rob smacked Blau’s ass. “Then I’ll have to remind you of what we did tonight. That should keep you faithful.”
Blau laughed and kissed his husband.