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Prince of Seas (Three Brothers Fair 1)
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Prince of Land and Fire (Three Brothers Fair 2)
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The Zephyr Prince (Three Brothers Fair 3)
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Dragon in Training (Dragon in Training 1)
Book One
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Russian Blau (Dragon Schooled 1)
Book one.
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Dragon Schooled (Print Edition) (Dragon Schooled 3)
Book Three. (Print Edition.)
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A Pack of His Own (Duet) Vol. 1 (A Pack of His Own 1)
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A Pack of His Own (Duet) Vol. 2 (A Pack of His Own 2)
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Wanderer's Rest (A Pack of His Own 3)
Book Three.
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Wanderer's Haven (A Pack of His Own 4)
Book Four.
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Dragon Schooled (Box Set) (Dragon Schooled 2)
Book Two. (Box Set)
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Frost Thaw Encounters (A Pack of His Own 5)
Book Five.
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Midnight Sons (Wolf Schooled 1)
Book One.
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Tainted Son (Wolf Schooled 2)
Book Two.
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Outcast Son (Wolf Schooled 3)
Book Three.
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Dragon Flux (Dragon in Training 3)
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Technical Difficulties (Lady Troubles 1)
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Practical Difficulties (Lady Troubles 2)
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Tactical Difficulties (Lady Troubles 3)
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My Two Front Fangs (A Pack of His Own 6)
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Book Six
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Other books:

Painter's Pride (Christmas Spirits 2)
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