The Prince and the Painter reviews

Praise for The Prince and the Painter (Box Set)

“Looking at that gorgeous book cover, I saw love and just had to read their story. I loved the characters who were fun and very likable. The story line was compelling and pulled the reader right into the suspense. There is danger and intrigue, so grab your box set and enjoy having their story right at your fingertips, to be experienced one after the other without waiting!”

— 4 Stars from Emily Pennington, Amazon Review

“I was so excited to get this terrific box series of one of my favorite series. It’s so good. So well-written and the characters are so complex.”

— 5 Stars from J’s Reviews, Amazon Review

Praise for Painter’s Pride (Christmas Spirits)

“This is an interesting and complicated story. I liked though that Jason and Aaron were fully dedicated to each other romantically, but still trying to find their feet as they explored living their lives together. A little sad, a lot hopeful and with loads of emotion this is a lovely short story.”

— Fern, Long and Short Reviews