Compassion Fatigue – Reviews

Praise for Compassion Fatigue (Marisburg Chronicles 1)

“Compassion Fatigue is an emotion-charged, page-turning, quick-yet-gratifying read… it will put you through the emotional wringer, but will give you the satisfying ending we all crave when reading a romance.”

— 5 Stars from Jessica, Books + Coffee = Happiness

“The author does an excellent job of capturing the behavior of Peter’s cat, which added to my enjoyment of the story. I also liked that Peter is hearing-impaired and Abe is Japanese and both are well out of college and have successful professional lives.”

— 4 Stars from SusanAnne, Goodreads Review

“Wow, this was a rollercoaster of emotions. Peter and Abe’s story was full of sweet tender moments, deep emotional issues, and plenty of heat. I really enjoyed this story. I laughed, I teared up, got angry. Loved it!”

— 5 Stars from K. Benjamin, Amazon Review

“I really enjoyed this story and the touching emotional journey of Peter and Dr. Abe. I liked that the author brought in real issues that are very relatable at the current time, especially those dealing with the pandemic and related emotional fall-out, depression, loneliness, and alienation. So glad these two characters found each other and had a chance at HEA.”

— 5 Stars from alias11, Amazon Review

“This is a moving story… a pair of vulnerable men who found the strength to be what the other needed. I really enjoyed this unusual book and a new-to-me author.”

— 4 Hearts from Shee Reader, Boy Meets Boy Reviews