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Let me introduce you to Autumn Montague and her epic vampire novel, Salva Me.

Here’s her unofficial blurb:

“A madman haunts the south of England. As Jeremy Colbourne and his blood-host Morgan seek a way to stop the carnage, they are forced into a desperate choice that binds them together physically, but may drive their hearts apart.”

Salva Me

Unedited Excerpt:

“You are as unyielding as ever, Holland.”


“Only in one matter, my lord. Is there someone near at hand for—after?”


A sad chuckle answered him. “Yes. My guest waits in my chambers.” Colbourne’s hand grazed Morgan’s neck, sliding sensuously along his throat. “Are you ready, Hostia Aeternus?”


The change in Colbourne’s voice indicated the time had come. Morgan looked at his master, seeing the reddened eyes, the widened pupils. A surge of desire flooded him, and he suppressed the unnatural lust. Still, the yearning to yield and be everything his master asked of him almost overpowered his sense.


Colbourne’s tongue touched his neck. Morgan shuddered, unable to prevent the involuntary reaction.


“I am hungry.” His master’s hot breath accompanied the words, while bared fangs grazed Morgan’s skin. “So hungry.”


The shivers increased tenfold. Morgan felt his control slipping and struggled to hold on to it long enough to complete the Contract. “Then please feed, my lord.” His voice had grown husky as anticipatory tremors took hold of him.


Another caress of Colbourne’s rough tongue drew an exquisite shudder. Such an intimate act, followed by an even more intimate one as the piercing bite of sharp fangs penetrated his neck and withdrew. Hot lips formed a seal around the twin wounds, and Morgan felt his groin tighten with the intense sensation of his master drawing deeply of the crimson flow.


It shouldn’t be this way, Morgan’s hazed brain insisted. Despite this, the lust bubbling up was the same as always, driving him to the brink of madness as he fought the desire. Every time he offered his blood, the yearning to succumb, to yield more than he gave—every time, it grew stronger. He wanted what he denied Lord Colbourne, wanted the carnal touch the Church deemed sinful, longed for what the courts condemned with death.


He shuddered at the strengthening draw, fighting the spiraling temptation. The ache in his loins increased with every passing minute, inflamed by the chemicals hidden within the nosferii fangs. His stomach tightened against the feeling as he strove to suppress the exhilaration racing through him, starting with the fanged kiss at his neck.


Morgan shivered as Colbourne laid a hand between his thighs, stroking him, caressing the erection he couldn’t suppress. A groan escaped Morgan as the pleasure increased tenfold.


In a flash, he found himself pinned against the futon. He jerked at the feel of Colbourne’s hand fumbling with the buttons of his breeches. Heat flooded him, running straight from the hot contact to the ecstatic draw of blood from his neck. Hot, shaking with need, he pressed himself against that warm palm, his mind a blaze of passion. Colbourne moaned into Morgan’s neck, sucking harder.


“Touch me…touch me please, Morgan.”


The words slipped into his mind, jarring him from his lust. He shoved hard at the man above him, desperately building a wall in front of the invading thought.


“Get out of my mind!” Frantic, Morgan lunged upward, thrusting Colbourne away from him and wincing at the sudden, tearing sting at his neck. He stumbled forward, pressing his hands to the wounds, attempting to stanch the flow of blood.


He didn’t finish feeding, a portion of his mind whispered. He didn’t finish, and now I’m going to bleed to death.


“Makoto!” Colbourne’s panicked voice beat on Morgan’s ears with the force of a drum. “Makoto! Tasukete!”

Footsteps drummed across the floor as Colbourne’s retainer responded. The room started fading at the edges, and Morgan blinked at the bedding wound about his feet. Arms like steel trapped him, holding him up but keeping him hostage.


“You damn idiot!” Despite the angry hiss of the words, Colbourne’s voice shook. “Hold still.”


Morgan struggled against the iron grip holding him fast, while his hands were wrenched away from his neck. Colbourne’s unyielding grip held his head as the vampire leaned in to bite a second time. The pain shattered the last wall of Morgan’s consciousness, blackness overtaking him at the penetrating sting of his master’s fangs.


Welcome, Autumn Montague! Tell us about Salva Me, the first book in the Blood Sworn series.  What is it about, and when does it come out?


Thanks for the welcome! I’m really glad to be here, and I’m so excited to tell everyone about my upcoming release.


Salva Me is the first book of Blood Sworn, a m/m vampire series set in the early 1800’s. This first book is set in Regency England, and is currently scheduled for release on October 29, just before Halloween. It features a vampire noble and his blood-host in their hunt for a nosferatu, a rogue vampire, but the story comes with a few little twists.


I wanted to write about vampires, who are always sexy, but I didn’t want to use the standard undead paranormal beings. I also wanted to incorporate a something Japanese, because I’m a major Japanophile. So I went in a new direction. Instead of the normal undead creatures of the night, my vampires are living human variants, hiding in plain sight among ordinary humans. And I gave one of my heroes a Japanese background. Here’s the unofficial blurb:


A madman haunts the south of England, and Jeremy Takeshi Colbourne must hunt and kill the monster leaving savaged corpses like trash along the roads. One of the foremost vampire nobles in England, it is Jeremy’s sworn duty to catch the nosferatu and ensure the safety of all English lives, human or vampire.


More importantly, he must find a way to capture the heart of the man he has grown to love. Morgan Holland has denied Jeremy for more than a decade, despite the searing attraction they both feel. But when Morgan’s daughter falls prey to the madman, Jeremy faces an awful choice: to let the girl die, or bind Morgan to him and sacrifice any hope of love.


Morgan has lived the past dozen years as blood-host to the Baron of Colbourne, a nobleman of British and Japanese aristocracy. He has kept his master’s affections at bay, unwilling to dare such an intimate relationship with another man. With his daughter’s life at risk, he must decide: maintain his dignity and lose his daughter, or succumb to the pleasures of a vampire’s embrace.


Meanwhile, the nosferatu still hunts. And this time Morgan Holland is his chosen prey.


How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing all my life; it’s a passion for me. But I’ve only been writing m/m romance for about two years, I guess. Salva Me is my first GLBTQQ romance. If you’re familiar with Latin, then you know the title means “Save Me”, and has multiple meanings in the story.


How did you decide to write m/m romance?

Several things directed my writing in this direction, but my friend and host Emily Carrington was the first person to encourage me in this new genre. I enjoy reading GLBTQQ romance, along with yaoi manga, (Japanese boys’ love comics), and thought I would give it a try. I really enjoyed writing Salva Me, and I’m looking forward to writing the next book in the series, Dies Irae.


You can find Blood Sworn: Salva Me at

Autumn Montague

Dangerous passions, uninhibited love

Salva Me-Coming October 2013 from Loose

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