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Dragon’s Bane release (cont.)

Not only has Mark failed to pop the question…


From Dragon Fire: [Mark’s mother] gazed at them for a moment, and then she crossed to the bed. She picked up the goblet. “Ah, a good make. You have been doing your research.” She kissed Mark’s forehead. And then she picked up the box with the rings. “These are well made also.” She looked between both of them. “Now all you need is a chupah.” She set the goblet and box back on the bed, smiled, and then walked back out, closing the door behind her.

Luke stared at the door for a moment but then managed to drag his gaze back to his lover, who seemed to have turned to stone. “What’s a chupah?”

Mark’s eyes were bright with something that might have been amusement or shock. “It’s a Jewish wedding canopy.”


…and he has forgotten to fulfill a promise.*


Dragon in Training 3: Dragon’s Bane


These two mistakes and the interference of a genie-god under an enemy’s control, could be enough to drive Mark and Luke apart for good. Or even get them killed.*


Dragon in Training 3: Dragon’s Bane will be unleashed at in late August.


P.S. As the time for Dragon’s Bane draws nearer, check back for games, giveaways, and other fun surprises. Happy reading.

*Unofficial blurb

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Dr. Seuss With a Political Agenda?

Dear readers,

This is too important not to blog about. Here’s the article:

Title: Dr. Seuss Story Accused of Having a Political Agenda, Barred from Classroom’s+Children’s+Bookshelf&utm_campaign=0218104458-UA-15906914-1&utm_medium=email#.T6PZZfI0iSr

So, now that the Harry Potter books are banned in some schools because they include “magic,” Charlotte’s Web is banned because the animals talk (a different school), and Heather Has Two Mommies is just plain *not talked about* in public schools (or libraries) for the most part *at all,* what are we left with? The subversive writers are the ones who survive because they’re the only ones who stay sane, but in a few years, will they be the writers who can’t sell their manuscripts at all? While reading about this on Facebook, one of the comments made was, “Is this Soviet Russia?”  No. Just another example of conservatives being afraid to let their children suffer exposure to anything that goes beyond “This is right, that is wrong, and one plus one is two.” No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at some of the quote-unquote first world countries.

—  Emily Carrington

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Comments Drawing: Results

Recently, I invited visitors to my site to leave comments, and that those comments would be put into a drawing for one of my books. The results are in.

Congratulations, Naomi! You win! And since you left in a comment that you have the first two books in my Dragon in Training series, when the third and final book comes out, that book will be yours.



P.S. I will talk abut the third book in the series, but not for a few more weeks. Take a little Anti Cipation. It’s good for your blood.


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Regarding the RITA and Golden Heart: my small dish of crow

I’m going to eat a small dish of crow (best served quickly so it’s still hot), but only a small dish.


There are NO rules in the RITA or Golden Heart contests that explicitly state LGBT fiction cannot be submitted to the contest.


However, the current industry standard is that LGBT romance is only featured in erotica, and while publishers like Kensington are working to change that, it is not widespread. In fact, so many romance authors who want to write LGBT romances have had their manuscripts (their babies- you writers know what I’m talking about) rejected simply because those manuscripts happen to involve a male/male or female/female relationship that many of these authors are afraid to submit unless it is expressly stated by a publishing house that they accept LGBT romance (erotic or otherwise). Erotica is NOT accepted in the RITA or Golden Heart contests. Read this for yourself below, and RWA does not state that the RITA or Golden Heart contests welcome a group of stories to any genre (paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, et cetera) that have been ignored in the past. This is akin to being back in the South during the time of the Jim Crow Laws. So many signs read “whites only” on fountains, bathrooms, etc., that signs had to be actively posted where integration was allowed. Authors of LGBT romance cannot assume welcome just as African Americans could not assume welcome back before the Civil Rights Act. To do so invites anguish, despair, and trampled hopes.


Please read the categories the RITA and Golden Heart Awards accept.


Categories accepted in the 2011 RITA Contest (Copied directly from the website): Contemporary Series Romance, Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure, Contemporary Single Title Romance, Historical Romance, Inspirational Romance, Novel with Strong Romantic Elements, Paranormal Romance, Regency Historical Romance, Romance Novella, Romantic Suspense, Young Adult Romance, Best First Book

Categories accepted in the 2011 Golden Heart Contest (Copied directly from the website): Contemporary Series Romance, Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure, Contemporary Single Title Romance, Historical Romance, Inspirational Romance, Novel with Strong Romantic Elements, Paranormal Romance, Regency Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, Young Adult Romance


Crow has been almost consumed. One bite left. I apologize to RWA for falsely representing their contest rules. I relied on information given to me by others instead of verifying the information myself directly.


One more thing (the garnish, you might say). Despite my mistake, I still stand by my original belief, modifying the words, not the spirit, to be in line with the correct facts above: RWA needs to add erotica to both contests and actively encourage and assert that LGBT fiction may be written in all genres, including inspirational romance. Gay Christians exist too. This way there will be a truer cross-section of romance in America.



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In Defense of LGBT Rights- Part 2

Good morning all. I want to thank Allyn for pointing out that the RWA rules for the RITA contest don’t specifically preclude LGBT fiction. I’ve been meaning to post a follow-up to my other post, and her words reminded me of my duty.

Although the RITA and Golden Heart rules don’t specifically prohibit LGBT entries, they do prohibit erotica. Traditionally (in fact, up until now) LGBT fiction has been confined to the erotica genre. In effect, the RITA and Golden Heart contests are excluding LGBT entries by default.

HOWEVER, since an outcry has come from the romance community for LGBT fiction not written in the erotica genre, perhaps LGBT entries will be seen in the RITA and Golden Heart contests in coming years. It’s a day we can all hope and pray for.



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The Discrimination Charge Still Stands

This will be my last political statement for today (and hopefully the next few days). Mark and Luke have been urging me to interview them. For now, however, please follow the link to RWI’s response to the charges brought against them.

Since I couldn’t leave a comment on their website (most likely due to heavy traffic) I’ll leave mine here for now.

First: Anyone who attacked the contest coordinator PERSONALLY has forgotten what being a decent human being means. Those in charge always have to make judgment calls. Attack the principle, not the person. Grow up, please.

Second: RWI published the “no LGBT fiction” restriction and not the “no YA fiction” restriction. This backlash is their own fault. Be clear the first time. Although…

Third: There’s a hell of a difference between excluding YA (which is a TYPE of romance, like paranormal, fantasy, and sweet romance) than excluding a PAIRING, which can cross all genres.

The discrimination charge still stands.

Peace to your bodies and hearts, although perhaps not to your souls. Let those be stirred into action.


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In Defense of LGBT Rights in RWA Contests

There’s a discussion in the Hearts Through History chapter of the Romance Writers of America about a specific chapter in RWA (NOT Hearts Through History Through History) refusing to allow LGBT in their contests. All other forms, from paranormal to inspirational, from sweet romance to erotica. Only LGBT is excluded. A fellow author, my critique partner, responded to the debate as follows:


“Chiming in from lurkdom regarding LGBT romances being excluded from chapter contests:
It’s one thing to have a chapter that specializes in a particular area, such as historical, celtic, paranormal, or suspense. It’s quite another to set your contest guidelines to allow for every category BUT LGBT. That’s discrimination. If you allow Inspirational, you should allow LGBT and erotica. Otherwise, hold a themed contest geared toward your chapter’s specialty.
I happen to have a very good friend/writing partner who writes LGBT. She has been extraordinarily frustrated that her genre is pretty much precluded from most RWA and chapter contests. The last time I checked (just now) neither the Rita nor the Golden Heart permitted LGBT manuscripts, even though they have a separate category for Inspirational. I find this particularly discriminatory, because Inspirational romance, as the genre is defined, is Christian-centered, and geared not only toward a Christian worldview, but toward authors who have embraced that particular worldview as essential to their own lives.
Many LGBT authors would love to write something more that mere erotica, but want to write the stories of their hearts just as the rest of us do. RWA clearly supports discriminatory practices through example, as well as aiding in the perpetuation of the idea that LGBT is just a variant of Erotica. From this perspective, their acceptance of LGBT as RWA members, without providing complete support, is worse than what they were doing to ebook authors a few years back.
BTW, if any chapter needs a judge to cover LGBT, I’ll gladly volunteer. And I’m sure there are several LGBT authors who would love to asked. I’m sure final judges can be found from any of the publishing houses that carry the lines, like Loose-ID, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain, The Wild Rose Press, Decadent Publishing, and many others. Saying judges can’t be found is not really an accurate presentation of the situation.
OK, ’nuff said, putting my hobbyhorse away for the moment.”


Dorothy Muir,
Author of Sexy Historical Romance
Storm Called-available now from The Wild Rose Press
An Unintended Seduction-available March 2012 from The Wild Rose Press


Thank you, Dorothy. I couldn’t have said it better.

–Emily Carrington

P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment for the giveaway drawing later this month!

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Everthing Begins With Something Small

A river begins with a single drop of water.

A book begins with a single thought. H

ope also begins with something small.

Kindle someone’s hope-flame today.


Today my hope-flame was tended and nurtured by my cat. She’s discovered the magic of the paper bag game, where she lays inside and I tap the outside. The real magic (at least for me) was when she trained me to start the paper bag game when she wanted.

Books also kindle our hope-flames. They inspire dreams, comfort us in the darkness of our lives, and soothe us when we’re troubled.

Who has kindled your hope-flame recently? Leave a comment, to be posted here and I will choose, at random, one person to receive my second book, Dragon Fire, as a thank-you for sharing your fire. Because the greater the fire, the greater the warmth, and the greater the light.

January 22-February 28


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Dragon Fire Reviewed by Whipped Cream Reviews!

Hi, everyone! Short message today, but worth it.

Dragon Fire was reviewed by Whipped Cream Reviews. Yay!

Here’s the link: :


Be good to each other today.


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Candle Eight

Candle Eight

04.14.12 Mark will be down in a minute, but I need to take a breath and write this down in case I forget next year.

Spending time with my Mark is the most important thing. Whether it’s been hours, days, or months since we’ve seen each other, sharing moments like early this morning are what life should be.


Luke laid his pen aside and frowned down at his journal. Like this morning. I need to put a reminder in here. He closed his eyes, drew his magic into himself for a moment as he formed a mental picture, and touched the page. An image, crisper than a digital photograph, appeared below his final sentence. Mark stood at their bedroom door, managing to balance a breakfast tray in each hand. Panic tightened his features because one of the glasses of juice had started to slide.

The genie chuckled. “There. I won’t forget now.” He closed his journal.

:What are you smirking at?” Mark slouched in the doorway to the living room. “Is there something I need to know?”

Luke poofed his last gift into his hands. “Yes. Two things. One: today was perfect. Two: I love you.”

Mark shook his head, but a faint blush colored his cheeks as he crossed to the menorah and began lighting the candles. “I love you too. Are you going first or am I?”

“My turn was supposed to be yesterday, so…” Luke waited until Mark shook out the match. “Besides, I have to show you part of the gift before I can give it.” He sat on the floor, pulling Mark down with him. Gently, he encouraged his lover to draw his knees to his chest.

“You asked me about signs of my faith,” he murmured when he had Mark nestled in the cradle of his arms.

Mark relaxed, resting his head against Luke’s shoulder and closing his eyes. “I remember. Does this mean you rest in the arms of the One-Who-Decides?”

“Not quite. When I think of how much you trust me to hold and support you, not just to protect you but to do you no harm when you’re in this vulnerable position, that’s become a sign of faith.”

Mark opened his beautiful blue eyes. “You’re kidding. Luke, I can’t help how being in your arms makes me feel.”

“Does that change your faith in me?”

The dragon shook his head. “No.” He smiled slightly. “Not at all.”

Luke held up the figurine he’d made. “I wanted you to have the symbol of my faith in us.” He felt himself turning scarlet. “I don’t mean to sound like a cliché, but — ”

“But sometimes clichés are around for a reason.” Mark kissed him. “Now let me up. This will go perfectly with my gift. You’ll have to give me a minute, though.” When he was on his feet, he took Luke’s newest gift and disappeared into the kitchen. “Stay there. If you peek, I’ll roast you.”


Great. Now I have to unwrap and re-wrap this thing. Sighing, Mark stripped off the flawless wrapping job Jodie had accomplished, tucked Luke’s final gift into an excellent place, and tried to put the wrapping back together.

Hopeless. I must have ripped it in just the wrong way. He cursed silently as he fumbled for tape and snagged that morning’s newspaper off the counter. When he was done, the deformed shape looked like a nuclear accident instead of a box. At least Luke won’t be able to tell what it is before opening it.

Mark walked back into the living room. Luke was smirking again. “Quit that.”


“I’ll give you issues.”

Luke waggled his eyebrows. “I can’t wait. But let’s have this… um… whatever it is first.”

“Be very careful with it. It’s fragile. Well, the stuff it’s holding is fragile.” Stop talking before you give it away, Tavery!

Luke tugged at the paper slowly. “It’s thin and long. Is it a picture frame?”

“Your free guessing period ended last night.”

“So that’s not a ‘no.’”

“No, it’s not a picture frame.”

“Is it a picture of us, or just of my beautiful lover, in a picture frame?”

“No fair guessing two things at once!”

Luke tore off a long strip near one edge. “It’s looking more and more like a frame, Mark.”

“It’s not a frame.” Or is that what you call something that holds little pieces of artwork?

Luke freed a top corner and, with that bit of paper still in hand, managed to tear away the paper covering the front of the gift. He didn’t move.

Is he disappointed? Mark bit his lip. “It’s… I wanted to show you how much your presents mean to me. How much you mean to me. I didn’t want them to get damaged. So I found this… this…”

“Yeah… That.”

“Oh Mark. It’s beautiful. It’s going to show anyone and everyone who walks into our home just how much you love me.” Luke set the gift on the coffee table.

It’s called a shadowbox. And he loves it. Mark grinned.

“More than that,” Luke said, “it’s…” He laughed and pulled Mark in for a deep kiss. “It’s from you, so it’s perfect.”