Dear Readers,

Black Mahogany is at Loose Id, LLC today! I’m thrilled (of course) but especially because the blurb is fabulous. Check this out:

“Can marriage be a shield, sword, and healing balm? That’s Aidan’s hope: use marriage to get out of town, preserving his relationship by saving his lover’s mind.

“When the man who molested Aidan’s lover escapes a pedophile charge, Aidan will stop at nothing to keep his lover, Mike, safe. But Mike can’t imagine leaving the town he’s lived in all his life. Just as he can’t imagine letting go of self-recriminations or sharing his nightmares with Aidan. If they can’t find a way through this, their fledgling relationship will die before it can grow deep enough roots.”

This put a huge smile on my face. It’s a great way to start the day.

Peace everyone!


P.S. A Pack of His Own: Hunter’s Claim is being read by my editor as we speak. There’s hope it will come out in the early fall.

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