It’s First Chapter Friday again. Here’s a great first chapter from Leela Lou Dahlin’s erotic novel, All For Her Pleasure.

Chapter 1

“Go for the eyes, throw some elbows, and knee him in the dick if you can. If you can get him incapacitated for even a few seconds…scream ‘fire!’ and run like hell.”
Angelia Anson stood outside the recreation room of the exclusive Westwind Acres Community Center, watching the action inside. That deep, gruff voice made it out of the room, skittered along her nerves, and sprang right into all of her erogenous zones. How can he do that with just his voice?
What had started out as a stroll a few months ago, when she’d stumbled across these self-defense classes featuring the beautiful and muscular instructor, had turned into bi-weekly stalking sessions. The man intrigued her with his powerful build, shoulder length honey red hair, startlingly bright sapphire eyes and gentle guidance with his students. Although he appeared to be a lot younger than she was, her fascination with him hadn’t waned; in fact, it seemed to be growing stronger. She wondered about him—what does a man like that do for a living? What takes up his free time? When she had found the flyer saying the class was run every Tuesday and Thursday night, she’d also found out his name. Dillon Blackmore.
As much as Angelia wanted to participate in the class, she hadn’t yet worked up the nerve to do so, though she continued to watch. She wasn’t exactly hiding behind the tinted glass wall where she stood, but she knew the instructor of the defense class and his students couldn’t see her—she had snuck into the room when it was empty to check. It was in a perfect spot.
“Good class tonight, ladies.” He clapped his hands together as though applauding the class and they joined in to clap as well. “Keep working on your techniques, and I’ll see you next week.”
The women gathered their things and some left the room talking, laughing and wiping their faces, but others seemed to linger like they wanted to talk to Dillon. Angelia couldn’t blame them—she’d love to be in the same room alone with him. Not that she’d know what to say. She talked to people all the time, but for some reason, when she’d had the chance to talk to him, she’d totally blown it. It seemed the few remaining women in the room had the same affliction she did, because they looked at their instructor longingly before walking away without saying anything.
“Stay safe.” Dillon called out to no one in particular, as he gathered his things and checked his phone while waiting for the last of the ladies to leave. After the last woman left he hiked a large bag over his shoulder, turned off the lights and locked the door.
This is where it typically ended, but Angelia wasn’t ready for it to be over just yet. She didn’t have anything else to do tonight and she wanted to see where he went after his Thursday class. As luck would have it, they happened to live in the same apartment building, and she knew he didn’t go home. He walked outside and she watched as the crisp breeze blew the long strands of hair that had escaped his bun as she followed at a good distance behind him. Dillon stopped by a bench, put his bag down, and took a leisurely look around as he removed the band that secured his locks and let his long, curly hair blow in the wind. The deep breath he took into his lungs made her jealous of that whiff of air. She’d love to be that close to him. He stood there for a couple of minutes as though enjoying the air whipping around him before gathering his wild hair and securing it at his nape again.
Angelia stayed in the shadows, thinking of what she’d say if he actually caught her acting like a weirdo. He finished fixing his hair and returned his bag to his shoulder, then looked in her general direction, though not directly at her. She held her breath, even though she knew the wind was too loud for him to hear her breathing. Turning toward the street, his casual strides were deceptive as he was moving pretty fast, and she knew she had to keep space between them but didn’t want to jog to keep up. That might make too much noise. He turned the corner and Angelia hurried to make up some ground.
Should my heart be pounding like this? Is following someone illegal?
The wind was strong and she was grateful for it, because between the excitement of doing something naughty pumping up the adrenalin running through her veins, and the short bursts of walking so fast she was practically jogging, she was hot. She was also thankful for the long pause he took at each corner. Being only five feet two inches and trying to keep up with a man who is at least six feet was another reason she wished she had left a few layers of clothing at home.
Dillon paused and turned his head a little before turning the corner, and Angelia tucked herself into the closest alley to make sure he didn’t see her. The heart-beat in her ears sounded like a bongo drum. It was nice to take a moment to catch her breath and recover from almost being caught, but she knew if she didn’t get a move on she would lose him. Taking one last fortifying breath, she pushed off the wall and started walking toward where she had seen him last, all the while berating herself for not working harder during her weak attempts at cardio, as her body clearly wasn’t quite ready for this kind of workout.
When she got to the corner her heart sank as she looked left and right. He was gone. What am I doing? The thought struck that she may have taken this secret interest in her hot neighbor a bit too far, but then she caught sight of him turning another corner and waved the thought away.
She’d watched him leave the apartment building, with his duffle bag and smooth strides, a few times during the week. He seemed to leave around 7 o’clock, but she’d been asleep when he returned. Although it was abso-freaking-lutely none of her damn business, Angelia wanted to know where he was going. Maybe she’d learn something unappealing about him that would make her interest in him wane. Maybe he had a regular rendezvous with a bunch of different women, or possibly even the same woman over and over—that would suck—or maybe it was nothing like that at all. He was wearing loose grey sweat pants and a blue shirt with some sports team Angelia wasn’t familiar with on the front. A tame outfit to be sure, but the beautiful black ink designs that covered both of his arms conjured a much wilder picture.
Picking up speed she reached the corner and peeked in the direction he’d just taken. “Shit,” she murmured to herself. How the hell did I lose him?
She looked the other way and didn’t see him there either, but the bright flashing lights drew her attention away from the disappointment. Club Kink. Here was the other thing she’d been trying to work up the nerve to do. How did I end up here? She turned toward the building and wondered if it was fate that had brought her here. Angelia had been looking for an adventure of sorts and, although it wasn’t the one she’d had in mind, it was something she’d been very interested in exploring. Considering her options, she ran through what her next move should be. Should she ask for an application to join? She owned a successful laundry service and her business, The Crisp Cleaner, was growing by leaps and bounds, but she’d heard whispers about the price to be a part of the exclusive club and the cost was terrifying. She wondered if it was way too much money for her budget, but she wouldn’t know for sure unless she asked.
“If it isn’t A. Anson from apartment 3-B.”
Angelia startled. You’re all right, she told herself, taking a few deep breaths to calm down, no need to panic. He had never spoken directly to her, but she’d know that voice anywhere. Her initial feeling of fear had now been taken over by thorough embarrassment at being caught staring lustfully at a sex club, but there was no way she wanted him to see that. Turning slowly, she was rewarded with the sight of the glorious man she thought she’d lost as she weaved in and out of the foot traffic on the street.
“If it isn’t the man who lives in my building,” Angelia countered, clearing her throat as the deception seemed to clog her throat up a bit. Hoping he didn’t know she’d followed him, she added, “Nice night for a walk.”
She tried to think of something witty to say as his bright eyes assessed her, trying to make herself seem normal, and not at all like a crazy stalker or just a plain ole lunatic. It was a difficult job coming up with something, though, seeing as…well… stalking him is exactly what she’d been doing. With the chemistry she’d felt whenever she had seen him in passing, Angelia could only hope he wouldn’t call her bluff about what she had been doing. She gave a little wave and hoped it might save her from having to say anything else, but he took a step toward her and crowded her space.
“It’s not safe to walk around these streets following some man you barely know. Unless you’re going to say you weren’t following me?” His sexy voice was low and he leaned in as though telling her a secret, giving her the opportunity to smell the heady scent of his skin mixed with the fresh zing of laundry detergent. She may or may not have noticed what kind he used when he’d left his clothes unattended in the laundry room one time, and she tried hard not to lean into him now to breath it all in.
“Ummm…” Angelia stalled and waited for something to come to her. His left eyebrow arched, though he didn’t appear impatient. She had nothing. Her only hope was that he had somewhere to be and didn’t have time to wait for an answer. Unfortunately, he didn’t look like he was planning on leaving any time soon.
“A beautiful woman like you is hard to miss, especially when you hide behind things that don’t shield you, or come out into the night wearing a hot pink hoodie.” He tugged on the strings of said garment as he called her attention to it. “It also doesn’t help that you are the most dedicated student who doesn’t actually participate in class.”
Angelia could feel her cheeks starting to flame, and she looked down at her attire, swearing silently. She could have sworn he hadn’t seen her each time she’d been at his class. That was embarrassing, and her choice of clothing was definitely a rookie move; she should have worn darker clothes. Stealth wasn’t her first, middle or last name, but she was thankful the smile on his face was amused. She’d take that over offended or angry any day.
“You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to follow me here. What is it you want?”
“Club Kink?” Angie wanted to sound worldly and sophisticated but her voice squeaked. “Is this where you go every night?”
He raised his brows and she realized she’d given herself away. Too bad, she didn’t care anymore. It was too much to contemplate that this man had anything to do with the place of her fantasies. Overload. Fantasy overload.
Dillon backed away from her and stood like he always did, with his legs spread apart and his hands behind his back.
“So, you work here?”
“Yes. I do.” He watched her like she was about to do a trick, with expectation and amusement. She turned away to look at the building and tried to take it all in. Angelia had made a resolution to follow adventure wherever it led her, though she’d actually been referring to taking up a hobby, or trying one of those recipes that came up on her Facebook timeline.
“You work at Club Kink?” She knew he’d pretty much answered this question, but she was finding it hard to pull herself together, and stalling was her go to move.
“Yes. I work at Club Kink…the place that had you so transfixed you abandoned your cloak and dagger mission of following me.”
She looked up at Dillon and decided not to negate that fact, since he obviously knew what she had been up to, and it would be even more embarrassing for her to stand there and lie about it. Angelia shrugged and took the opportunity to enjoy the visual feast that was this man’s beauty. There were still tendrils of hair that had escaped his hair tie and blew around in the breeze. She wanted to touch him more than anything, just to see if he were real, but as she lifted her hand, to touch him but the look on his face stopped her. His bright blue eyes were so expressive. She didn’t know much about him, but she’d never seen the word Stop so clearly in someone’s expression before. “Can you show me around the place?”
“What do you know about the Club?” His face had lost the sudden fierceness and was back to normal, but she wondered what that look had been about.
“I’ve heard you can only get in by invitation, that it’s very expensive, and that it’s a place that fulfills your every dream.” Waiting to see what he’d say to that was almost painful. She could tell he was thinking about it, but in the end he had nothing to say.
He walked away from Angelia and, looking both ways before crossing the street, made his way to the entrance of the building. He stopped and looked back at her. “Now you need permission to follow me?” His amused tone made her chuckle a little to herself.
“Well, apparently I’m not very good at tailing people.”
He put up his hand and summoned her with a few bends of his fore and middle fingers, and she felt it like a physical caress. Was he trying to be sexual, or was it all in her mind? Either way, she was already across the street and standing next to him, waiting for what was next.
Dillon walked to the large door and held it open for her. All thoughts left her mind as she took in the opulence of the foyer. The fabric on the walls was a rich black and gold brocade of some type and she wanted to rub her hand across the pattern. She didn’t though, instead she took in the silence of the area.
“So, do I get a tour?”
He moved closer to her and for the first time in a long time she didn’t feel fear; the trapped feeling that grew in her chest if a man got too close to her when she was unaccustomed to her surroundings.
“You were right about a few things. This place is only open by invitation, and it is very expensive, in both money and in the time and personal investment.” He looked around the large room before turning back to her. “It can help you facilitate your dreams, but you have to make them come true all on your own.”
She nodded so hard she probably looked like a bobble head doll attached to the dash of a four-wheeler, but the time for cool sophistication was not now. The opportunity to get into this club was so exciting she could barely speak, let alone say something worthwhile. She’d gone from wanting to know where her most recent fantasy was going at night to standing inside the exclusive invitation-only lounge of her wildest fantasies. She had tried numerous times to get information about the place, but it was like Las Vegas—what happens in Club Kink, stays in Club Kink. Everything she had discovered was pure speculation—nothing was known for sure because the members just don’t talk about it. There was no way in the world she was going to say no to any of this.
“I’m going to get one of the guys to take you home.”
“What? Wait!” The cold water of his words effectively took the dreamy ideas from her mind. She had thought she was going to get invited into the club to play with her dream man, but all he was doing was keeping her off the street.
“I’ll walk you down one of the public hallways and you can get an eye full that way, but that’s more than I should be doing in terms of a tour.” He unzipped her cotton jersey jacket and helped her take it off. She had on a gray t-shirt under it so her look was still not dressy, but at least she wasn’t so bright.
“Thank you.” She let him help her wiggle out of the garment before she stood in front of him and waited. While she was waiting she couldn’t help but notice how much more amazing he looked in this light compared to how he had outside. His windblown face had a healthy glow and his reddish gold, thick curly hair was complimentary to his complexion. He couldn’t have been drawn better. She wasn’t sure how long she stood there looking at him but she startled when she realized that he had just stood and waited patiently while she scrutinized him. “Ummm, I’m ready.”
He started for the large door that lead into what she assumed would be the actual club, and she followed along hoping she could contain her excitement, and not embarrass either of them. After taking a few steps toward their apparent destination, feeling what could only be described as unadulterated glee, a sudden thought made her nervous.
“What do you do in there?” She pulled his arm back to her as he was opening the door and he turned to study her.
“If I tell you I’m the accountant or the janitor would you still want to go in?”
“No, that’s not what I mean.” Stepping into her own custom-made fantasy was great, but she was wary. It was as if her slow, boring life had suddenly morphed into warp speed and she couldn’t keep up. “I just don’t know what I’m walking in to, so I’d at least like to know who I’m walking in with.”
“I’m an instructor of sorts.” He looked at her face like he was trying to figure her out—perhaps he was judging whether she was trustworthy or not—and she’d be damned if she didn’t like all of his attention on her. Just when she thought he may have changed his mind about the offer, his pursed lips softened. “Do you want to go in?”
“Of course, I do. It’s the hottest ticket in town and most people don’t know how to get invited in.”
“Are you speaking of yourself? Do you not know how to get an invitation?” Did his eyes soften? He’d better not feel sorry for her—she had her own business which she ran like clockwork, and she was strong and independent.
Angelia stood up to her full height and tried to put on an air of aloof casualness to match that of the man in front of her. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get started, or what I would need to do if I did.”
“Club Kink is not for the faint of heart, but if you followed me here you must be very interested.”
“No, I—” She started to correct him but stopped herself when she realized she didn’t want to remind him that she hadn’t followed him to Club Kink specifically. Angelia had just wanted to find out where he went, and it had just happened to be here.
He brought his hand to her cheek and stroked it with his thumb. There is no way it should have been as arousing as it was, but she found herself leaning toward him. He smiled, and it was a game changer. Dillon had a beautiful smile and it made her heart jump. He pulled back and she took a deep breath; she’d been aroused since the beginning of his self-defense class and the slow build of anticipation was making her more aware of the pull she felt toward him. Damn her for not using her best vibrator that morning. She was going to come in front of him with practically no provocation.
“What part of kink interests you the most?” He had a way of asking a question that made her want to answer. Although she really wanted to come up with a good solid reply, she just couldn’t find the right words. This should be an easy question to answer, but her embarrassment just wouldn’t allow the words to slip out of her mouth, even though her mouth was open as if she were going to try.
“Looks like I did a good job of making you clam up. Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out.”
Hearing him tell her he was going to figure out what kink she wanted added more fuel to her orgasmic fire. This night was getting better and better. On the other side of the huge doors were two large men who were built like MACK trucks but with Armani suits.
“Dillon.” The two men broke into smile upon seeing the man Angelia was following. They stopped and looked at her and she cursed herself again for following after him in such casual clothing, but how was she supposed to know he was going to be heading to an exclusive club where the guests dressed to the nines? “She’s with you?”
He turned to look at her and gave her a little wink. Dillon looked like he could give her a lot of things—a firm slap on the ass, directions to be followed and even a deep firm kiss—but she’d not taken him for a winking man.
“She is,” he answered in a deep voice that promised satisfaction. What was she thinking? The man said he’d get her a ride home and show her a few things. In her mind, she already had his pants around his ankles and his cock in her mouth.
The guards looked at each other and Angie wished she could tell what the look was about, but it was definitely an inside conversation between the two, maybe even the three of them. One of the men turned to lift the red rope so they could enter. “Welcome. May you find every delicious kink you seek.”
It was a dim hallway they walked down before coming upon a door marked Voyeur’s Delight.
She wanted to follow him down the hall, she really did, but if ever there was a time to let the adventure lead her, this was it. The sign was just too much for her to pass by. Angelia ducked into the room and stood still as her eyes adjusted to the near darkness. As the door closed the light became brighter, and she saw at least ten large windows with electronically retracted shades, leaving the picture windows open for observation. Angelia walked over to the first window and saw a couple who seemed to be just getting started, if she was going by woman’s still pale ass cheeks. The woman was in the middle of the room in a black lacy thong and matching heels, bent over what looked like a spanking bench. The man was fully clothed and held what Angie knew to be a flogger. He walked around, looking for the perfect place to begin.
The door behind her opened but Angelia was riveted to the window like a television screen. She didn’t want to look away, but she was curious as to what was behind the other windows.
“You’re not very good at following directions,” Dillon said with his sexy voice, standing so close behind her she could feel his heat, and sounding even more alluring now that she was watching a random couple preparing to perform a sex act.
“I wasn’t given any to follow.”
“‘Follow me’ was implied.”
Angelia bit her lip. She wanted to say something flippant but one—she knew she was in the wrong. Two—she was much too aroused to use her words.
Dillon reached around her and pushed a button before dropping his hand back to his side. The button was the audio component and just like that, they heard the first swing of the flogger. All of it. The whirl through the air, the sound of leather hitting skin and the gasp that resulted from the sweet sting of pain. Whether the gasp was from the woman enjoying all the personalized attention or from herself, Angie wasn’t sure.
Dillon closed the distance between them and put his hand on her stomach.
The view was amazing but the simple touch of his hand around her midsection reminded her of how long it had been since she’d been touched. It was amazing.
“Looks like you found something you like,” he whispered into her ear through her hair.
The man behind the window continued to slowly dole out swats to the woman, taking turns striking each cheek before rubbing the area with the palm of his hand.
Angelia couldn’t stop the moan that left her throat any more than she could stop her hand from touching the outside of her pants. With this scene before her and Dillon behind her, she was overwhelmed with sensations, and she was finding it hard to catch her breath.
“Shhh,” Dillon’s voice was huskier than it had been previously and that wasn’t helping Angelia gain any control. “Let me help you.”
She turned her head to look at him and he returned her gaze. Angelia didn’t know what she’d expected, but she was surprised because it hadn’t been this. He seemed like a nice guy, but she’d seen nice men turn into groping animals with no thought for anything but their own pleasure, and that was when she wasn’t standing in a darkened room falling apart from her own arousal. She nodded and dropped her hand.
“Keep watching the scene,” he told her as he slowly lifted her shirt and slid his hand into her panties. It was a good thing he was a strong man because she leaned on him heavily.
“Please.” She wanted to say so many things like… ‘Your touch feels so good’ or ‘I need to get off now’, but that one word was all that escaped.
Two thick fingers separated the lips of her pussy and Dillon slid their length across her hard clit and down to her very lubricated opening. She grabbed his wrist and he stopped immediately. Her emotions were all over the place. She wanted him to slow it down and make it last, but she also wanted him to go fast, and the steady sound of leather slapping skin had overawed her.
“Trust me.” The timbre of his voice mixed with the command of his words comforted her. He moved his head to look at her face and she turned slightly and nodded.
The glide across her clit was maddening. It was firm enough that she shuddered with each pass, but not quite enough to satisfy.
“When you look at the woman bent over the horse do you want to take her place?”
Her breath hitched and she hoped he wasn’t really looking for an answer.
“Does the thought of being displayed ass up, waiting for the sweet sting of pleasure to kiss your ass appeal to you? I like toys, but I’d want to use my hand first, then I could return to this hot pussy that weeps with want.”
Dillon brought his other hand up to cup her breast and found her nipple through her clothing. The slaps were coming faster now and the woman on the bench had tensed up. Dillon chose that moment to sink his two thick fingers into her, fucking her at a tempo that wasn’t fast but made her grab on to his arm for leverage.
“You want to come with her? You’re both so ready.”
Dillon pulled Angelia’s nipple and rolled it around between his thumb and index finger with one hand as he fucked her pussy with two fingers and ground his thumb against her clit with the other. The result was incredible, her body was ratcheted tight and high and all her nerves were wound tight. Her breath came in harsh pants that she couldn’t control.
“Don’t come until I tell you.”
“Please,” she panted, “I’m going to come.”
“You’d better not.”
Angelia tried to calm herself but it wasn’t working. She was going to fail whatever test this was.
“Come now, baby. Come all over my hand.”
The noise that left her throat was alien to her and, damn, it was loud. There was no way to control it. He’d brought her too high and she felt like she was free falling into a pleasure that was way too strong. Her body writhed and shuddered as the contractions took over.
Dillon moved his arm down to her waist to support her as he helped her work her way through the orgasm of a lifetime. When her body settled down and the wild convulsions eased to mild shakes and tremors, she could hear that he was murmuring something to her as he pet her pussy like he was trying to console it.
“Damn, that was hot. I love a woman who comes hard.” He removed his hand from her panties and grabbed a few wet wipes from a hidden cupboard on the wall.
He offered her a few and then wiped his hands. Angelia stood there, waiting for her brain to catch up with what had just happened.
“Although that was lovely, Dillon, I’m going to need you and your guest to visit my office.” The voice on the intercom was deep and, while whoever it was didn’t sound angry, there was a firmness in his voice that was a bit off-putting.
“Who is that?” Angelia whispered.
“It’s your lucky day, Ms. Anson. You’re about to meet the Wizard.”


Angelia has settled for the mundane all her life…first to survive, then because she was grateful. For the first time in her life she’s free to be her own person, to explore her secreted desires and to follow adventure wherever it leads… The hottie with the body is way out of her league but something about him calls to her. The days of settling are over… despite her anxiety, she’ll do what it takes to answer that inquiry.

Dillon is a professional in erotic education and a master at Club Kink. Teaching women to listen to their bodies as he encourages them to try things they never would on their own. He recognizes the woman from his apartment complex, but he knows a picket fence chaser when he sees one. He sees a forever kind of woman and he is a committed here and now kind of man. Dillon loves a good, hard, long screw as much, if not more than the next man, but he is honest to a fault, so all parties have to be on the same page. He is willing to give all to please a woman..all but his heart.

These two people are like magnets…opposite but drawn to each other with the force of nature that puts at risk things they both cherish. Whatever the final answer turns out to be in the world of Club Kink everything is all For Her Pleasure.

All For Her Pleasure
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