Vision boards, dream boards, or wish-your-butt-off boards have become all the rage lately. Oprah talked about them quite awhile ago. I’ve encountered them no less than five times in the last year. And I know people who swear by them.

I happen to believe myself, simply because I believe in myself.

If you’re a skeptic and/or a scientist by nature, skip to the CBT section of this post. If you’re a spiritual person, find the Universal Truth section. If you don’t find something to fit your idea of how nature and the human mind works in either section, please offer your own theory or story in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Whichever you choose, please check out a quick story at the bottom of this post.


CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Theory)

One of the simplest tenets of CBT is that all feelings come from thoughts. For example, if your best friend promised to pick you up from work and then didn’t show, what’s your first reaction? For most people, the answer is either “anger” or “annoyance.” Both these emotions are driven by a thought, though: “Where is s/he? How dare s/he leave me here?”

Our dreams for the future are also driven by thoughts. Not so much by “I wish I had…” but “I deserve” and “I’m going to work toward.” A vision board helps to focus those thoughts into something tangible. For most people, seeing is believing. Having a physical projection of what they desire is the first step to making it real.

It’s a critical step. Without seeing or knowing what you want in concrete terms, many ideas remain ideas. (Please see the story at the end of this post.)

Vision Board: Wealth

Universal Truth

Our society teaches us to think negatively. It surprised me, but I was forced to accept it when I began examining commercials. “This makeup (outfit, car, drink, need I go on J ) is essential.” The implication being we’re not complete without thus-and-such product.

If I’m incomplete, my thoughts become centered around what I’m not, what I don’t have. In my case, I don’t have a car. (Granted, I can’t drive, but isn’t that beside the point?)

The universe is made of energy. No matter Who created that energy, the energy exists and influences us. The energy we put out is the energy returned to us. So why would negative energy produce positive results?

“But Emily, that’s easy for you to say. I have high bills.”

How much money do you want to have? Think of an exact figure and write it down. Next step, believe in that number instead of concentrating on what you don’t have. Even believing in the negative things you have, like bills, will only attract more bills to you.

What else do you want? Create a picture or collage about it. Do you want a new house or something less visible, like good friends and someone to love? Create an image of the exact house, inside and out, or collect the words from magazines that make up the person or people you long to have in your life. Positive energy draws more positive energy.

Brief Story

With my thesis behind me and my days partially my own again, I’ve realized how much I’d like someone in my life besides my wonderful pets. However, when I sat down to my vision board, all I could think to put on it was “must love dogs.” Less than a week later, a distant acquaintance invited me to a Labrador Club advertised only by word of mouth. It’s about time I finish that vision board!

Just something to think about.



2 thoughts on “A Vision

  1. I definitely believe in the benefit of positive energy. In a way, we consume ideas and emotions and experiences the way we do food. Too much negativity can cause indigestion :-). That’s why you won’t catch me watching too many slasher films or watching a lot of movies or reading books that depict acts of cruelty in graphic detail. I don’t tend to go for entertainment that makes me cry, either, although I’ve certainly enjoyed a few tearjerkers. Who needs those downers? That’s why I love the romance genre. Give me a happily ever after – a little positive thinking.

    1. Romance is by far the best genre for happily-ever-after. It’s a promise I love making to my readers, and one I love getting from authors! 🙂

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