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Please welcome Dakota Trace. She will be talking about her new release: Her Naughty Boy, a BDSM Christmas romance.

Her Naughty Boy200Her Naughty Boy sounds enticing from the teaser on your website. Tell us about the story’s premise.

In a nutshell, this story is about two childhood friends that should know everything about one another, but don’t. Well at least not until the hero, Kyle happens to overhear Lily talking to another friend about her wild night before where she dominated the crap out of some lucky man. This taps into a side of Kyle that he’s never shared with Lily or anyone else after one disastrous attempt back in college.  But once he overhears about Lily’s exploits, he decides that for Christmas all he wants is her domination and he’s not above shedding his good boy image to accomplish his goal.

In the end, it’s a pretty wild ride that includes an unexpected trip to the Velvet Fist, a very public spanking, exposing wounded souls and eventually seeing if they can make the transition from friends to Domme/sub in a Christmas tale sure to singe your stockings.

How long have you been writing erotic romance, and why did you start writing?

It’s hard to believe but I’ve been writing erotic romance for nearly six years. When I first started writing it was under protest. (I’m dyslexic and back in the early eighties there wasn’t the technology that there is now, so I got to spend hours at the table with my dad practicing my writing.) But as a young adult I fell in love with creative writing and took every class I could on it. However the reason, I navigated toward erotic romance was my love affair with Harlequin Blaze and Silhouette Desire novels. I loved the romance, but couldn’t live without the steam those books offered.  So one day, short of funds, I sat down and wrote my own….and as they say the rest is history.  Writing is now my escape from my normal band mom reality.

BDSM is the general theme this month. Why do you love writing BDSM?

Oh, Lord.  Where do I start? I love the genre as a whole. I love stories with strong men and women. And yes, I do believe submissives are strong. After all it takes a strong woman or man to give up control to their Dom/me. Sorry. *gets off soapbox* It’s probably the main reason I write in the genre.  There’s something intriguing to me about the power exchange – whether it’s just for a scene or if it happens to be a 24/7 Total Power Exchange. I love to craft stories that show couples that show the deeper connection that the lifestyle brings out. Of course it does help that there are yummy toys in BDSM. After all what girl doesn’t love ropes, paddles or floggers? Oh can’t forget to throw in clamps or a spanking bench either.   LOL

Your female characters are often the domes, which is a “nontraditional” view. What led you to creating these intriguing heroines?

I seem to have navigated toward Dommes as of late. LOL. I blame that on two things: One, I have a tendency to want to write plots that aren’t necessarily the norm. And two:  Earlier this year I read Ann Mayburn’s book, Still, and absolutely fell in love. That book reminded me that there are a lot of strong women out there, and even stronger men that enjoy submitting to a woman.  I even enjoyed how her heroine dealt with the touchy subject of PTSD.  It was so well written so well that I cried even as I rooted for Michelle and Wyatt to make it work.

It made me want to try to write a book like it – and no I don’t mean plagiarism. I wanted to pen a tale that had that same something that Ann put in her book that made it an emotionally strong book. I wanted to show the connection a FemDom has with the lucky sub who gives over to her.  Lucky for me, FemDom isn’t a totally new idea for me. Long before I read Ann’s book, I penned two novels in my Doms of Chicago series that featured Mistress Olivia, the owner of the BDSM club and her two submissives Jude and Micah.  But after reading Still, I got bit by the bug again to tell another Domme story, which was the spur for me to sit down and write Her Naughty Boy.


Watching the male strapped to the wooden contraption beg for leniency from the woman he wanted had Kyle clenching his fists. Lily seemed to be in her zone. It was a side he’d never fully seen. Sure parts of it seeped through at work as she played the smart-assed Rocking Lilith, but it was never like it was here. The total command, domination in her tone was unforgiving as she tormented the sub with her words. From where he stood next to Maureen, her voice was muffled. He wasn’t sure what she was exactly saying, but when she held up something shiny, the submissive moaned loudly. He glanced to Maureen for confirmation.

“A cock ring, Kyle.” She winked at him. “You know what one of those is, don’t you?” She leaned against the support beam next to the one-way mirror.

He gritted his teeth. A cock ring? She was going to put such a torture device on the poor man? The idea seemed cruel, but at the same time it intrigued him. He knew in theory what the ring was supposed to do. He just couldn’t imagine willingly letting a woman place one around his cock. Or to control his pleasure in such a base way, because there was no coming with a cock ring on – none.

“Well you better get used to the idea of seeing them.” She darted a glance at him as Lily moved to the far side of the cross, her hands obviously loosening and unzipping the submissive’s leather pants, if the sudden loose fit of them against his ass was any indication. “And wearing one of them, Mistress Banner controls every iota of her sub’s pleasure and pain.”

“Damn.” He exhaled sharply, his eyes focused on the unfolding scene in front of him. The restrained man arched towards Lily, and even through the glass he could hear the long moan that escaped the submissive as she slid the ring into place. The bite in her tone was clear even on the other side of the glass. She was reprimanding the sub, possibly telling him how she’d warm his ass if he tried such a stunt again. She would touch him at her leisure, not his.

Kyle’s nuts pulled up in warning. He gripped the ledge in front of the mirror. He needed to get control of himself, before he did something incredibly stupid – like barge into the room and demand she touch him – punish him if that was what she needed. “Son of a bitch…”


“A bit more than you expected when you came to me, right?” Maureen seemed resigned. “This is the reality of her world. If a submissive can’t control his need to come, then she’ll do it for him. Hence the cock ring.”

“Demanding little thing…” He shook his head. But then he’d always know Lily had an evil streak a mile wide. She loved to tease, to push the boundaries even as a child. It shouldn’t be a surprise she still did as an adult.

“Of course, she is. But don’t let what you see on the surface fool you. There’s more than deviousness in her. She can be generous if she feels it is warranted. If a submissive gives everything he has, but needs to feel the lash across his back to center himself once more, she’ll wear her arm out until he’s achieved sub-space.”

His utter shock must’ve shown because she gave him a soft smile. “There are many facets to a dominant, Kyle. They can be stern, harsh, even sadistic, but at the same time want to reward the submissive in their care. And in Mistress Banner’s case, whether it’s for her submissive’s benefit or her own, she enjoys toying with them, using their bodies – pushing their boundaries in ways they’d never imagined.” She pushed away from the wall. “That’s why I am so leery to help you. Can you honestly tell me you’re submissive enough to handle what she can dish out?” She nodded toward the mirror, drawing his attention back to Lily and her submissive. He jumped when the flash of the whip caught his eye as she brought it down on the man’s back. A pleasure-filled moan shook him to the core.

“Holy shit…she’s actually whipping him.” He swayed on the balls of his feet as all the blood in his head vacated – rushing south to fill his cock until he was hard and desperate for release. Who’d have thought seeing such a thing would give a result like this? What the hell was wrong with him?


Now, if you want a copy of Her Naughty Boy, leave a comment below…and you just might win!



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  1. Thank you for penning a BDSM story with a Domme… As a mistress, it pleases me to see more romances that have the element of BDSM to have a strong woman as Domme… the sexiest thing ever is a submissive man, as they are more of a man than most… and all that confidence and trust is such a turn on… keep up the great work!

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