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January 18, 2020

I currently have two major directions for my writing: the Searchlight multiverse and a collection of dark contemporary novels.
SearchLight: This is Men In Black meets fairy tales. Dragons, werewolves, genies, the fae, and a host of other magical creatures live secluded from most of humanity. They have their own schools, their own workplaces, and their own beliefs. Soon, I’ll be posting a lexicon about Searchlight.
Dark Contemporaries: What can I say? I think it’s difficult to be “different” in today’s society and all of my stories of contemporary gay romance reflect that worldview. It’s difficult to be yourself when the world’s pressing in, but the rewards… Ah, the rewards are endless.
Current WIPs (Works in Progress)
Heartwood 3: Yew and Thorn: Mike and Aidan, happily married for eight years, have put their skeletons away. But when those skeletons get up and dance, their whole world is threatened. The man who molested Mike when he was a teenager is out of jail, and even Aidan’s violent past makes an appearance. Throw into the mix a man who will do almost anything to make Aidan his and “Till death do us part” might itself die.

Fae Schooled 1: Secret Identity: Brett, a half fae with a secret family tie, and Adam, a human with no defenses to speak of, have been lovers for years. But that was in Kansas, surrounded by their protective families. Now that they’re in college, they’re discovering that certain factions of the magical community will stop at nothing to claim Brett’s new emerging talent for their own. Can their love survive Brett’s need to shield Adam and Adam’s need for independence?

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